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Migrating from working in a physical classroom to teaching online is a seamless process with WizIQ. Our comprehensive online education platform provides all the tools, products, and features you need to make your transition to engaging online teaching smooth and easy.

Let’s start by addressing some of the primary concerns you may have about teaching online.

"Computers intimidate me."

No hardware, software, or training is required to use WizIQ.

No special hardware, software skills, or training is required to use WizIQ. With absolute ease, you can:
  • Create an online course using our Course Wizard and online teaching tools.

  • Store and share your educational content securely, without worrying about data theft.

  • Promote your online course in our vast course marketplace for greater visibility.

  • Collect credit card and PayPal payments from students worldwide.

"I'm used to face-to-face teaching. Isn't online teaching impersonal?"

WizIQ feels just like teaching in a physical classroom.

  • Teach online, face-to-face, and in real time, using live audiovisual communication in our Virtual Classroom.

  • Engage students using interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, video and text chatting, HD video streaming, and polling tools.

  • Encourage peer-to-peer interaction with breakout rooms for small group discussions and exercises.

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“How can I assess and monitor online students?”

Track student progress easily with our online assessment and reporting tools.

  • Upload your assessments or create them online using our question bank.
  • Ask questions and conduct real-time student surveys using our polling tool.
  • Alert and remind students about classes and assignments with our notifications feature.
  • Check student participation by generating attendance and content download reports.
"I like using various media to teach my subject in the classroom. What will I do online?"

Store varied file types on the cloud and access them freely.

Our versatile teaching software supports most file types – including documents, presentations, images, videos, audio recordings, and spreadsheets – of sizes up to 1 GB. All your educational content can be stored in the content library and accessed/shared securely whenever you need it.

“I’ve heard that teaching online is expensive. Is it?”

Our online teaching platform is highly affordable.

We offer various pricing plans to meet a wide spectrum of teaching budgets.

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"I impact the lives of many students every year. Will it be the same online?"

There’s no limit to how many students you can teach with WizIQ.

WizIQ provides access to learning for students all over the world. We facilitate both synchronous and asynchronous activities, so you can reach out to as many students as you like, and WizIQ’s virtual learning environment can be scaled to accommodate.

“I already have my own website. How can I use WizIQ?”

WizIQ has plug-ins available for Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard Learn™, and existing websites.

With a simple plug-in, it’s easy to integrate our educational platform with your existing course or personal website, helping you offer a more comprehensive learning experience.

“What if I need to be away from my primary computer?”

Our mobile apps let you teach from anywhere.

You can teach using the WizIQ apps for Android and iOS, with tech-savvy tools and features that add modern relevance and appeal to your online class. Your students can access class anywhere, anytime, and on any device using the WizIQ apps.

“What if I need help?”

Our 24/7 support will help you deal with every difficulty.

WizIQ’s dedicated team of technical experts is here to answer your questions through e-mail, phone, or online chat– all day, every day.

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