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Deliver live classes on your Joomla! website with WizIQ virtual classroom extension

Conducting live online classes from your Joomla! website made easy

Joomla! is an open-source content management system employed by individual users and companies to create websites and publish web content. The need of instructor-led live classes has led us to create WizIQ Joomla! virtual classroom extension for eLearning courses on Joomla! powered websites.

Quick sign-on and no separate login to use the extension
Live HD video and audio streaming
Round-the-clock customer service and support
Easy content access from content library
24/7 service and support by customer relationship professionals
Reporting and attendee management through monitoring tools
Features like whiteboard, raise hand, polling, breakout room and instant messaging

Why Joomla! is a preferred option among online educators and trainers

joomla! is estimated to be the second most used content management system in the world. Online educators and corporate trainers from across the world use Joomla! to create and run eLearning websites. Its features and extensibility have made it a preferred option among eLearning professionals.

  • Joomla! is free to use and lets you design a working website in less than an hour
  • Comprehensive templates with feature-rich extensions at a relatively lower cost
  • Increased functionality with Joomla! extensions
  • A huge list of supported languages to tap global users
  • Fully responsive front end and back end for access and management from mobile devices
  • Controlled user access with the ability to create new user groups and assign permissions
  • Option to add micro data for search engine optimization leading to better visibility on search engines

Give an edge to your eLearning class with Joomla! virtual classroom extension

Joomla! extensions let you perform a host of functions on your website. In a Joomla! powered website, eight types of extensions may be distinguished: Components, modules, plugins, templates, languages, libraries, files and packages. Each of these extensions perform a specific function.

Online classes designed on Joomla! websites have made learning easier, efficient and accessible. The convenience of designing eLearning courses on Joomla! websites is a key factor in its popularity but the lack of human touch may act as a deterrent for learners to take up your course. Live virtual streaming during your online classes and training courses could act a better substitute to traditional classes and lead to enhanced engagement. Here is how using a Joomla! virtual classroom extension can help you in your eLearning classes:

  • Lower cost in conducting instructor-led classes with the help of virtual classroom
  • Easy installation with your Joomla! website lets you have all your tools in a single place
  • Virtual classroom sessions add a human touch to your classes
  • An instructor’s face increases the credibility of your content
  • Live teaching with Joomla! live class extension leads to faster feedback which can be addressed in real-time
  • Multimedia content is easily accessible from your content library
  • With Joomla! live streaming extension, you can record your live sessions and share them again to save time and effort
  • You get a chance to interact with your learners located globally to build a stronger bond
  • Easy integration with your website and content library lets you run unhindered sessions
  • eLearning tools like breakout rooms, digital whiteboards, polling and integrated media player give an edge to your eLearning content
  • Monitoring and analytics tools give you an overall measure of your class engagement and performance

How to choose a Joomla! virtual classroom extension

  • Ease of integration
  • Customizable interface
  • Mobile access
  • Content storage and accessibility
  • Instant messaging
  • High speed processing
  • Reporting mechanism
  • Class analytics
  • Format compatibility
  • Data security
  • Responsive design
  • Control of access permissions

Teach live with WizIQ Joomla! virtual classroom extension

WizIQ Joomla! virtual classroom extension for your eLearning website lets you stream live during your online classes. It integrates with your existing website and doesn’t require transfer of your eLearning content to another platform. With a live classroom tool, you can make your eLearning classes engaging and retain your learner base. We have listed out the advantages of using WizIQ Joomla! live class extension:

Quick and easy
  • Using WizIQ Joomla! virtual classroom extension is as simple as installing a basic application such as a media player or Microsoft office.
  • Smooth integration with your existing Joomla! website makes it seem like a built-in functionality
  • It has a low overall cost compared with the competitors along with a 30-day free trial period
  • Real-time audio and video streaming makes for improved learning and greater engagement
Efficient management of your online class
  • Compatibility with almost all content formats for greater flexibility
  • Option to brand the customizable interface of the extension as yours
  • Live chatting, instant messaging and option to comment on discussion forums help glean the opinions of your learners
  • WizIQ Joomla! live class extension offers features like screen-sharing, raise hand, integrated media player, multilingual support and content library accessibility for an easy and efficient teaching experience
  • eLearning tools such as interactive blackboard, breakout rooms and polling help you in managing your classes
Keep everything in check
  • Keep a track of your class attendance and performance with our monitoring and analytics tools
  • Use access permissions and share your content with who you want
  • Get assured data security and secure video streaming

How to install and use WizIQ Joomla! virtual classroom extension

With WizIQ virtual classroom extension for Joomla! websites, you can create live, instructor-led classes for your eLearning course. Go through the installation guide and follow these steps to install Joomla! virtual classroom extension.

Get WizIQ Joomla! virtual classroom


Install Joomla! virtual classroom extension

  • Go to the extensions manager of your Joomla! Website through admin access
  • Click on ‘upload package file’ and upload Joomla! live class extension package file from your system
  • Go to the component section of your Joomla! website, click on WizIQ and add your API credentials (provided by our support team) which include ‘access key’ and ‘secret key’

Create a course

  • Go to component section, select WizIQ and click on ‘courses’ to start creating courses
  • At top left side, you will find ‘create a course’ button which takes you to ‘course manager’ section. Click on it to add a course.
  • Edit the details of the course (course name and description)
  • View your newly created course in ‘course listing’ of ‘course manager’ section

Create a live class

  • After creating a course, you can go to ‘course manager’ to view it under ‘course listing’ and make edits
  • There are five columns in the section. Go to the ‘manage course’ column and click the second icon to add a live class.
  • After coming to ‘create class’ section of course manager, schedule your live class by putting in title, duration, timings and other details of your live class

Enroll users

  • In the ‘manage course’ column, click on the third icon to enroll users in your class
  • You are able to enroll the users who are already connected to your Joomla! website
  • Give your users permission to ‘create class’, ‘view recording’, ‘download recording’ and ‘upload content’ by checking against each field under ‘user permission’ section

Edit and upload content

  • Go to ‘contents’ section and click on the top left ‘upload content’ button to start adding your course content to your live class
  • In the manage course column, click on the first icon to make edits to your class
  • Click on ‘launch’ class to start your live class session

Video guide of WizIQ Joomla! Virtual Classroom extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Joomla! versions support WizIQ live class extension?

The latest version of Joomla!, version 3.6, and all the previous versions (1.0, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 and 3.5) support our extension.

How do I install WizIQ virtual classroom extension in my Joomla! website?

Follow these easy steps to integrate your Joomla! website with WizIQ virtual classroom extension:

  • Visit https://www.wiziq.com/integrations/joomla/
  • Click on ‘Request a Demo’ button
  • Create login ID and password by filling in the details
  • Download Joomla! live class extension after logging in
  • Go to extensions manager in your Joomla! website
  • Click on ‘upload package file’ and upload the Joomla! package
  • Add API credentials (secret key and access key) from component section to configure the class
  • You will see the WizIQ module in the on the top right hand side in your Joomla! website

How do I create a live online course in my Joomla! website?

Click on the ‘live class’ button on top left and you will be directed to a page with ‘create course’ option. Click on ‘create course’ button and start away.

How do I upload my course content?

Once you have created a course, it will be reflected in your course list. Under the ‘manage course’ column, you will see three icons. Click on the ‘plus’ icon to start adding content to your course.

Will I have to separately login to launch the virtual classroom extension?

No, you do not have to login separately to launch the extension as it is integrated with your Joomla! website

Can I upload multimedia content in my course?

Yes, you can upload content of almost all formats in your live class. Here is a list of content formats supported:

  • Text: DOC, Docx, RTF
  • Excel: XLS, XLSs
  • PDF
  • Flash: SWF, FLV
  • PowerPoint: PPT, PPTx, PPS, PPSx
  • Audio: WAV, WMA, MP3
  • Video: MOV, WMV, MPEG, MP4
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • AVG

How do I enroll users in the class?

Under the ‘manage course’ column, click on the third icon and start adding the students already present in your Joomla! website to your online class.

How do I assign roles and permissions to users?

After you have enrolled the users, you will be able to see them in a separate list below termed ‘user permission’. Here, you will find various roles against each user you have added. Check or uncheck the permissions to allow or disallow users for different options such as creating a class, viewing it, recording it, downloading it or uploading it.

Can I launch multiple classes simultaneously?

Yes, you can launch multiple classes simultaneously.

How do I remove users from my class?

Go to WizIQ extension in the Joomla! dashboard, click on courses and under the ‘manage course’ tab, click on ‘enroll users’. From the list of registered users, select the user you want to remove and click on ‘remove’.

Can I chat with the attendees?

Yes, the extension gives you the option to chat with the attendees of your online class in real-time.

What are the various eLearning tools that come with virtual classroom extension?

You can use tools like whiteboard, polling, raise hand, breakout rooms, test and assessment, and integrated media player.

Where can I get class or course-related data in virtual classroom extension?

To access course-related data, go to the classes for a particular course in WizIQ module. From here you can find details regarding:

  • Class time and duration
  • Presenter or instructor
  • Class status
  • Class attendance
  • Class recording: view and download status

Is it possible to record live sessions?

Select the option ‘record this class’ while scheduling it. Recording starts on its own once you go live. You can stop, pause or resume recording at any time during the class.