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Continental Career Training has used WizIQ to deliver several hundred courses in countless online classrooms. WizIQ's Virtual Classrooms use fully functional tools that are easy for both the trainer and student, with advanced features available as required. Plus, WizIQ has an excellent support team, always ready to help both trainers and students with technical or academic needs. Without a doubt, Continental Career Training chooses WizIQ over the other classroom management companies. Great work, WizIQ!

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Creation Wizard

WizIQ's Course Creation Wizard guides you smoothly through the process of creating a successful online course, with just a few clicks. It promotes an effective course structure and ensures the alignment of your courseware and assessments with course objectives. You can easily create a course in under a minute with our simple instructions and guidance.

Our course management system lets you:
  • Upload your own tests or quizzes to the Virtual Classroom.
  • Create assessments directly through the WizlQ platform.
  • Assess how well the class has understood lessons or get them to participate in live surveys using real-time polling.
  • View polling results quickly, displayed in graphic form for easy teacher evaluation.
Notify and monitor students

Want to give students advance notice about class, or know how many students have participated in a particular lesson? Our notifications and reports feature allows you to easily alert and inform students about classes, quizzes, and more via e-mail or text chat. You can also monitor attendance, generate reports, and keep track of class recordings and courseware downloads.

Secure Payment

Our course management system offers one of the most secure and intuitive payment gateways you can find online. It comes with multiple payment options (including credit cards and PayPal), allows you to receive global payments, and lets you withdraw funds from your WizIQ account.

Promote Course

Here’s why WizIQ’s vast course marketplace is the ideal forum to boost your student numbers and course popularity:

  • Accessed by over 3.5 million students and 250,000 teachers
  • Largest number of paid courses on the Internet
  • Over 90,000 live classes held in our Virtual Classrooms each month
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ENGAGE students in different ways

Increase interactivity with online course tools

WizIQ’s versatile software has a range of online course tools and features that promote active learning and student involvement.

Features include:

  • Whiteboards
  • Video and text chatting and video streaming
  • Real-time VOIP communication and multi-way audio-visual communication

  • Screen sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Discussion forums
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Experience HD-quality videos

WizIQ’s online course management software supports high-definition (HD) video files encoded in crystal-clear HD-quality for the best online viewing experience. Designed specifically for education, WizIQ’s video streaming functionality supports small and large files – right up to 1 GB – letting you include more learning content in educational videos for your students.

Conduct online course discussions

WizIQ's online discussion forums mimic the traditional classroom by allowing you to interact with students in real time using the Course Feed feature. You can start a new discussion, comment on an existing thread, and even share URLs of videos and educational content from YouTube and other sites.

WizIQ's multilingual interface allows me to reach women who only speak Russian and can only read the Cyrillic Alphabet. WizIQ is specifically created with user-ease in mind. Even the technologically challenged can run classes on WizIQ. My students can attend classes by simply clicking on a link! WizIQ works on any browser and with any device.

Alla Folsom, Online Trainer and Owner of

Safeguard your content

Your online course content will always stay safe from unauthorized access, thanks to WizIQ’s industry-standard security protocols, tokenized account access, expiring URLs, and encrypted video streaming. Since we use an advanced cloud infrastructure to protect your data, you can even include copyrighted courseware material without worry.

24x7 customer and technical support

WizIQ’s course management platform is simple and user-friendly, so you don’t need technical training, advanced computer skills, special hardware, or software downloads to use it. Plus, if you need help, we’re always just a click away – all day, every day.

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