Create online courses in minutes with WizIQ

Create interactive courses in just few clicks with WizIQ online courses software

WizIQ takes care of the online course creation, structure, storage, functional roles and ecommerce so that you can focus on more important things – creating learning material.

Start instantly
Set up your online learning portal within minutes.
Create, deliver and sell online courses from one place.
Build interactive courses
Upload learning material in any format to the cloud-based content library and create interactive courses.
Structure your course
Follow the built-in course structure and upload the content. Structuring your course is as simple as this.
Define functional roles
Assign roles of admin, HOD, course creator, instructor or assessor to create functional hierarchy.
Brand your courses
Tailor the look and feel and name of your portal and courses to offer branded learning experience.
Automate admin tasks
Offload mundane admin tasks like enrollment, attendance monitoring and reporting.

How to create online courses?

The number one obstacle that prevents instructors from using technology is difficulty using it. Creating an online course is already a lot of work. Dealing with not-so-friendly online courses software or integrating different piecemeal tools and making them work can have a detrimental impact on your productivity. You end up spending time making the tools work instead of focusing on the core activity which is to create online courses. Not only does it take a toll on the quality of the online course but it also results in a broken experience.

To ensure a seamless experience, you must look for a comprehensive online course creation software that supports all content formats by default and simplifies course creation.

WizIQ understands your exact needs and gives you everything to create an online course at one place.

  • No design or tech headaches.
  • No integrations.
  • Deliver all types of learning – live, micro, flipped and self-paced with the least investment and effort.

WizIQ’s online course software highlights

  • Import, upload, embed content
  • Integrated cloud storage
  • Support for all content formats
  • Course structure template
  • Role-based access
  • Content optimization for different devices
  • Support for tests, quizzes, surveys
  • White-labeling

Create course content in your favorite format

When you create courses with WizIQ, you’ll love the fact that it supports almost all text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML formats. You can create all types of courses in any format. No customizations or plug-ins required.

  • Upload, import, or drag and drop content from your own site, computer or any third party website
  • Appeal to different learning styles using varied formats, including text, presentation, images and audio-videos.
  • Just upload the learning material as WizIQ takes care of the course structure and ensures effective alignment of the courseware.
  • Include subjective or objective tests and assessments to measure learner performance.
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Create online courses for varied learning modalities

WizIQ offers multiple ways to deliver learning and engage learners. You can easily maintain a sync between your teaching style and different learning styles and create online courses in minutes.

  • Text-based learning material suits those who love to read and study rigorously.
  • Video-based content engages attendees with short attention spans and those who are not active readers.
  • Deliver a mix of active and passive learning and provide learner more control on their learning by using different content types.
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Ensure superior learner experience

WizIQ course management system helps you create a rich online learning environment, and gives you multiple options to connect and engage with learners.

  • The USP of WizIQ is ease-of-use. The clean and simple navigation makes it easy for them to explore and use the platform.
  • The multi-language support allows you to go global and translate the interface in the selected language.
  • Allow learners to attend live sessions or access content from anywhere anytime and from any device with WizIQ native mobile app.
  • Use a whiteboard, breakout rooms, discussion forums, screen-sharing, and live polling feature to replicate face-to-face learning environment.
  • Chat in real-time or send learners notifications related to class schedule, performance, etc.
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Make WizIQ your own

Design and customize your eLearning interface and promote your personal brand. You can use WizIQ in multiple ways, depending on your preferences.

  • Use WizIQ as it is. It’s a comprehensive, ready-to-use platform for all forms of online instruction.
  • Opt for white-labeling and give it your own branding by using custom URL or integrate it with your existing website.
  • Personalize the look and feel by changing the color of the interface, even without opting for white-labeling.
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Sell online courses

WizIQ lets you focus on your core business activities of creating, delivering and selling online courses. Once you’re ready with your course, you can enroll students and collect payments online via already integrated e-commerce plug-in.

  • Save the hassle of running around or maintaining multiple bank accounts to receive international payments.
  • Receive payments from credit and debit cards, PayPal and wire transfers.
  • WizIQ’s payment gateway currently supports net banking, Wells Fargo, CCAvenue, Apple Pay, Authorize.Net, Plimus and ICICIBank.
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