Feature Rich SaaS LMS Software

Create, deliver and sell courses seamlessly from your self-branded cloud LMS

WizIQ LMS software allows you to deliver and manage online learning in all its variants from self-paced to instructor-led and blended.

Deliver live classes
Teach live using the built-in Virtual Classroom. The multi-bitrate streaming adapts the video quality to the screen-size and internet speed.
Offer MOOCs
Get self-paced or time-bound video courses with or without tests rolling within minutes, if you have the learning material ready.
Manage content
Store and organize all content types on the cloud library to access it anywhere. Create, manage and deliver multiple courses from one place.
Provide m-learning
Catch your learner where they are. Offer total learning support across all screen sizes and cater to needs of new generation learners.
Offload admin
Automate end-to-end admin tasks from user permissions to class scheduling, attendee invitation, attendance monitoring and reporting.
Choose white-labeling
Customize WizIQ LMS to match your company branding. Ensure consistency across all customer touch-points.

White-label SaaS LMS for perfect online learning

Delivering online learning takes more than just creating engaging online courses. True, the content is the king but there are other supporting roles – course management, learning delivery, analysis and reporting, and e-commerce – which are to be played well to ensure its success. In short, the technology used to deliver learning is vital to the success of an online teaching or training business.

At WizIQ, we understand it. Technology is at the core of eLearning. And, it takes much more than a piecemeal tool to deliver a holistic experience. That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive platform to manage everything from one place. WizIQ SaaS LMS incorporates all educational tools in one single platform for delivering a well-rounded learning experience. No extra plugins or IT setup required. Just register and get going.

What is an LMS software?

LMS Software or Learning Management System is a software that enables the creation, management, and delivery of learning programs online.

An LMS Software (such as WizIQ’s) can be cloud-based, thereby reducing setup, installation and maintenance costs, efforts, and time. A learning management system lets you manage all aspects of instruction and learning including course creation, course management, live classes, test and assessments, analytics, eCommerce, as well as mobile learning.


Who uses an LMS Software?

An LMS software is used by corporates, higher-ed institutes, test prep or tutoring institutes, vocational training academies, and different kinds of establishments to meet diverse learning needs. There are various ways in which organizations use LMSs. Some are listed below:

  • Training/ Onboarding: Corporates use an LMS to train employees for induction or continuous development, to onboard customers or for ongoing customer training and to train partners and resellers
  • Online Distance Education: Colleges and Universities use an LMS to build a connected campus, setup distance education programs and offer online courses
  • Online Tutoring: Test Prep or tutoring companies use an LMS to move their business online, to reach out to more audiences, and to conduct test preparations or tutoring operations online

WizIQ LMS software features

  • Integrated cloud storage
  • Course management
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Test and assessment
  • Insights and analytics
  • Native mobile apps for iOS & Android
  • Live lecture recording
  • Integrated e-commerce
  • White-labeling
  • Subscription-based pricing

Plan, deliver, manage and monitor your eLearning initiative with WizIQ LMS software

Complete learning management system

WizIQ cloud LMS takes care of end-to-end administration of your learning function.

  • Define user hierarchies and permissions based on their roles.
  • Build courses and save on the cloud library to be able to access content from anywhere.
  • Create, manage and deliver online classes and give tests to measure learner performance.
  • Send customized invitations, reminders, alerts, and reports to keep them updated.
  • Collect payments via integrated payment options.
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Seamless live learning in virtual classroom

Use WizIQ Virtual Classroom Software to facilitate real-time face-to-face learning. Teach any subject of any difficulty level.

  • Schedule, deliver and manage multiple live online classes, training sessions, webinars, conferences, and meetings.
  • Deliver browser-based real-time learning without downloading pesky plugins with WebRTC Virtual Classroom.
  • Enhance engagement using whiteboard, video and text chats, multi-way audio-video, screen sharing and polling.
  • Control classroom experience with automatic adjustment of video streaming on low internet bandwidths.
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Integrated cloud storage

WizIQ cloud LMS comes with 50 GB of integrated eLearning content storage. Save your content in the cloud. Access it anytime anywhere.

  • Upload, store and embed as many and different types of files from your desktop, mobile, Google Docs or Scribd.
  • Share content in real-time, on-the-go or by sending links via email, Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
  • Make your entire course content readily available everywhere every time, on all your devices.
  • Upload HD eLearning video and interactive video files of size as large as 1 GB.
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Test, track and analyze

Create test online from the same platform without integrating a third-party test engine. WizIQ LMS software allows users to create many different types of tests.

  • Make your own online tests with the built-in test creator.
  • Customize the assessment types, question types, answer attempts and activation and expiration times.
  • Eliminate the scope of cheating while taking online tests by built-in cheating prevention mechanism.
  • Save time in recording data and access automated scorecards, reports, ranking and comparative analysis.

Secure video streaming

The multi-bitrate secure video streaming helps you provide a seamless video viewing experience to your learners on both high and low bandwidth.

  • Deliver video lessons with the bitrate and resolution matching the internet speed of your learners.
  • Ensure a seamless viewing experience without buffering and interruptions even on low bandwidth.
  • Have control over who accesses your content and how many times.
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Measure and improve performance

WizIQ’s powerful eLearning Analytics tool gathers data on instructors’ performance, learners’ engagement and your learning material’s efficiency.

  • Get visibility into content consumption patterns and improve course quality based on data.
  • Access student progress reports and understand learner behavior. Offer required intervention to boost learner outcomes and retention.
  • Combine student attendance, content consumption, and student progress reports for insights into instructor performance.
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Anytime anywhere learning

WizIQ cloud LMS comes with a native mobile learning app, helping you deliver anytime anywhere learning on any device.

  • Deliver and attend live classes from mobile anytime anywhere.
  • Let learners access course right on their smart devices while on-the-go.
  • Send and receive notifications, course feeds, conduct quizzes and tests from mobile.
  • Allow learners to interact with fellow learners via email or discussions from within the mobile app.
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Built-in eCommerce

The built-in LMS eCommerce allows you to sell your courses and collect payments online without the need of a third-party plug-in. You can:

  • Sell your courses and collect payments online using WizIQ online learning delivery platform.
  • Accept payment via credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, net banking, Apple Pay, CC Avenue, Wells Fargo, PLIMUS.
  • Easily access order summary and track payment status as and when required.

Give your branding to your eLearning portal

Transform WizIQ SaaS LMS to match your brand personality. You can change the look and feel of the interface.

  • Whitelabel your eLearning portal by using your own web domain to deliver online learning.
  • Tailor the overall look and feel by choosing logo and color of the interface.
  • Select the language that your learners are most comfortable with. Choose from among English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Great user experience

WizIQ’s ready-to-use learning management system comes with an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to implement and adopt by users on the both ends of learning.

  • Learners can view the content and play videos without any downloads.
  • The multi-bit-rate video streaming ensures seamless video watching experience for learners on all screen sizes of their devices and internet bandwidths.
  • One-click login allows participants to quickly join the live session if they forget the account password.
  • The WizIQ mobile app allows learners to view course content and attend live classes from mobile.