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    Expand the reach of your education and training programs with our secure testing system.

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    Effectively assess candidate’s aptitude whether recruiting college grads or entry-level employees.

    Easily Assess Aptitude
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    Generate reports and analytics in real time—to gain meaningful insight.

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An online testing system that’s flexible, controllable and analytical

Easy test development and delivery

Leave the hard part for the test itself. Our three-step wizard gives you incredible flexibility to develop customized tests—easily. It provides all the tools you need, and guides you smoothly through the process of building and delivering secure online assessments.

Customizable to meet your unique requirements

Ensure your test is a true judge of your learners’ progress. You can customize your assessment with different sections and question types, and choose to restrict the number of test or answer attempts. You can even set test activation or expiration times.

Test Settings

Rich question creation tools

Build tests with varied questions, even the most complex ones. With WizIQ’s rich-text editor, you can add math equations, drawings, symbols, and images, with different fonts and colors. You get the tools you need to create the tests you want.

Create your own questions

Privacy taken seriously

Because we know how important privacy is for you. By letting you share a URL to invite learners to your test with a single click, either privately or via email invitation, we ensure only those you choose can access your test.

Invite test-takers

Varied uses and applications

Experience a flexible assessment system to suit you and your learner's particular needs. It's perfect for testing purposes of college admissions, coaching or tutoring, HR recruitment, personalized instruction, proficiency measurement, and much more.

Cheating prevention

Make it harder for cheaters to succeed with access available by invite only. You can also set time limits for questions or the whole test to reduce cheating. And you can easily randomize the order of sections, questions, and answer choices to give each learner a different assessment.

Cheating Prevention

Quick and easy scorecards and analyses

Gain the insight to improve learning with WizIQ’s real-time test reports. They include scorecards and comparative analyses of overall/section-wide/percentile score, ranking, questions attempted, answer accuracy, and more. Then, you can share reports through email and social media.

Scorecards and Analyses