Create a learning environment that is right for your K-12 students with WizIQ’s innovative digital technology

WizIQ K-12 education software offers schools a low-risk, quick and affordable way to take learning operations online. Get all the tools you need to deliver impactful school training.

Manage learning lifecycle
Manage learning lifecycle
End-to-end learning management with schools, collaboration, assessment, certification and feedback into a single workflow
Teacher-led classes
Teacher-led classes
High-quality audio-video transmission for tutoring online in live classes
Eliminate admin hassles
Eliminate admin hassles
Create and deliver courses and exams, and monitor attendance and student progress and performance from one central location
Online whiteboard
Online whiteboard
An interactive and feature-rich digital whiteboard for online teaching
Session Recording & Playback
Session Recording & Playback
Session recording without the need to install any other software or browser plugins. Share and play online for attendees.
Support diverse learning formats
Tests and assessments
Deliver learning in diverse formats, including live instructor-led, self-paced and blended from one platform
Security & Encryption
Security & Encryption
WizIQ follow all the security compliances and provide 256-bit AES Encryption
Any device and operating system
Any device and operating system
With consistent high-quality audio & video, in any bandwidth environments, session participants can join virtually, from any device, boosting attendance and engagement.
Improve outcomes
Reports and analytics
Pull data to get insights into student and instructor performance and the efficacy of learning material

How does moving online benefit K-12 schools?

Improved student engagement:
Catering to diverse needs to students has always been a challenge. Moving online makes it possible to personalize learning and achieve better student engagement rate. Offer instructor-led live teaching, self-paced or blended or employ all three methods to cater to diverse learning styles.
Increased student success :
Cloud-based K-12 education software gives faculty and students the flexibility to teach and learn from anywhere. Also, it allows teachers to tweak instructional methods in the real time depending upon student performance – ensuring improved outcomes.

What to look for in K-12 school software?

Features :
The first thing that comes to the mind! True, there’s lot more to consider when you shop around. In addition to features, consider
Customizability :
whether the look and feel of the platform can be customized to your company branding.
Adaptability :
how easily it adjusts to your existing IT infrastructure or the extent to which it can be modified to meet your specific needs.
Ease-of-use :
how easy it is to use and how well it will be adopted even by first-time users.
Scalability :
whether how capable it is to handle a change in the user-base.

An advanced digital whiteboard

Any classroom is incomplete without a whiteboard which gives the power of visual-aid to the instructors. WizIQ boasts of a online whiteboard that is specially tailored for teaching and tutoring. Let’s see how:

  • Open multiple whiteboards in different tabs to explain a complicated concept.
  • With whiteboard, draw, illustrate, annotate in real-time during your live class.
  • Use geometry, physics or chemistry related shapes and diagrams, access geographical maps and do much more.
Tutoring online
online tutoring

Comprehensive online teaching tools and features

With an array of useful eLearning tools and features, WizIQ makes sure that you are not missing out on any elements of a regular classroom teaching session.

  • Garner opinions with online polls.
  • Segregate students into breakout rooms for class activities.
  • Record live lectures to use them in relevant future sessions.
  • Features like raise-hand, transferable writing and audio-video controls, multilingual support and course discussion threads foster interaction and collaboration.

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