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Deliver mLearning with WizIQ mobile learning solution

WizIQ mobile LMS lets your learners access e-content on-the-go

WizIQ’s mobile learning platform comes with native iOS and Android learner apps with which your learners can log in, check notifications, attend live classes and access self-paced courses from their smartphones and tablets.

Flexible learning
Course content and live class access on smartphones with WizIQ mobile learning app
Native apps
iOS and Android mobile applications for different devices
Higher engagement
Mobile-led learning for increased course consumption and higher engagement
Easier for learners to complete your course with mobile access to course content
Custom-designed app with your company’s logo and branding
Enhanced collaboration
Real-time chats and in-app notifications for course-related updates

What is mobile learning?

mobile learning is an educational system which offers content to be learned on portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop among others. Mobile learning also supports social and content synergies promoting online distance education. Learning content is delivered through mobile applications.

It allows for learners to access digital study material at any time and from anywhere. This flexibility of learning has helped universities to reach out to students located in far-flung areas, and corporates to implement training to employees based out of global locations. mLearning supports dynamic content which means that teachers and trainers can incorporate game-based learning, interactive components (polls and live surveys), live classes for increased learning.

Greater reach and engagement with mLearning

mLearning has become a crucial part of online teaching and training. Mobile learning fits into the changing content consumption and device usage patterns and caters to the reducing attention spans and the need for mobility of today’s workforce. Take a look at the advantages of using a mobile learning platform to deliver online teaching or training:

  • Learn on-the-go: A mobile learning platform helps your students or trainees learn anywhere and anytime with mobile access to your course content and live classes
  • Higher reach: Owing to the fast-paced rise of mobile phone usage, mLearning gives you a chance to expand your learner base
  • Greater engagement: Since contemporary learners are increasingly using mobile phones for their day-to-day tasks, learning on mobile fits into their daily routine easily
  • Lower cost for learners: Your learners save cost in their online learning setup as smartphones are a cheaper alternative to laptops and desktops
  • Ease-of-use: It becomes easier for your learners to consume the course content via mobile increasing the completion rates for your online course
  • Device compatibility: Delivering learning independent of the devices increases the overall reach of your course

How to deliver mLearning with WizIQ’s mobile LMS?

WizIQ mobile LMS comes with native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Also, WizIQ’s mobile-responsive website makes it easy to navigate on smartphone screens. With mobile learning platform, you can offer your learners a quick and easy way to sign up for your online course and access course content and live classes anytime and anywhere. With WizIQ mobile learning solution, your learners can:

  • Check notifications to keep a check on latest updates, new courses or upcoming classes
  • Attend live classes while on-the-move
  • View course content such as documents, videos, images and presentations
  • Interact in real-time with teachers and students via messaging feature in the mobile application

Teach and train on-the-go with WizIQ mobile learning solution

WizIQ mobile learning solution lets you deliver live classes and self-paced courses directly to your learners’ smartphones or tablets. With a comprehensive set of eLearning features, a responsive website and native apps for iOS and Android devices, WizIQ makes mobile learning easy and accessible.

  • Notifications and updates
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Live classes on mobile
  • Mobile access to courses
  • Real-time messaging
  • Secure streaming
  • iOS and Android app
  • eLearning tools and features
  • Content format compatibility

Ease-of-use with mobile learning

WizIQ mobile learning solution makes online learning easy and efficient to save your learners’ time and efforts.

  • User-friendly interface of the mobile applications for faster navigation
  • Device independent learning for greater access
  • Relatively lower cost in learning online with mobile devices
mobile learning

Flexible eLearning alternative

Mobile learning platform gives your students and trainees the option to learn anytime at any place which leads to higher course completion rates and increases the probability of your course success.

  • Let your learners access your course content on-the-go with their smartphones and tablets
  • Collaborate live with real-time messaging
  • Have an engaged learner base with in-app notifications for course and class-related updates
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Custom-branded mobile application

You can get a custom-designed app with your company’s logo and brand color under WizIQ’s Enterprise plan to deliver mobile learning while retaining your company’s branding.

  • Get the WizIQ app designed according to your brand’s color theme
  • Add your logo to the app interface to showcase your brand
  • Get a splash-screen with your company’s branding and your company’s logo as the app icon
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Mobile-led live classes

WizIQ mobile learning app gives your learners the option to attend live classes and take online tests from their smartphones and tablets. With WizIQ’s mobile LMS app, your learners can:

  • Attend live, instructor-led classes while on-the-move
  • Collaborate in real-time with the instructor with live messaging feature
  • Check the live class schedule created by the instructor
  • Take part in online tests and assessments with their mobile device
wiziq mobile app

Mobile-ready self-paced courses

WizIQ lets your learners view and download the course content (documents, presentations, videos, and images) and access your self-paced courses from the mobile LMS app. Your learners can:

  • Easily access your course content
  • Consume self-paced courses uploaded in the Course Builder
  • View documents and videos from their mobile devices
wiziq mobile learning app

Comprehensive teaching tools and features

WizIQ offers a set of enterprise tools and features to help you deliver effective learning. With WizIQ m-learning app, your learners can benefit from these features in the following ways:

  • Access to online whiteboard during HD live sessions
  • Features like raise-hand, polls, multilingual interface and breakout rooms for collaborative learning
  • Built-in media player, screen sharing and application sharing options for improved access
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Intuitive design and seamless interface

WizIQ mobile LMS app comes with a beautiful user-interface, seamless navigation, and intuitive design to ensure successful adoption and ease-of-use.

  • Fast processing and contemporary look & feel offer an enhanced mobile learning experience
  • Intuitive design and easy-to-navigate screens ensure easy adoption