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Deliver live classes from your LMS, CMS, and website with WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin

Video conferencing tool specially designed for teaching, training and collaborating online

Add live video teaching/training functionality to your web-based system by coupling it with WizIQ Virtual Classroom using the simple API setup.The integration opens new channels of communication and collaboration while allowing you to have a consolidated user management system. Your audience will continue to log into your application as before and click on the shared class or meeting link to join without realizing that they're using WizIQ Virtual Classroom.
Integrate WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin with your Moodle and schedule and deliver live classes as a part of the course. WizIQ Virtual Classroom assimilates so seamlessly that both instructors and learners can join classes directly from within Moodle. Also, use a built-in interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, play videos, show presentations and annotate while teaching online.
Integrate WizIQ Virtual Classroom with your Joomla website if you’re looking to create a collaborative workspace, deliver live classes, or host webinars on your website. The Virtual Classroom plugin is multi-purpose and ready-to-be integrated. You can go live and connect with your audience face-to-face as soon as you integrate it with your Joomla platform.
Transform your WordPress website into an online learning delivery platform with WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin. You’ll be able to schedule and conduct live classes from within your WordPress platform. The ready-to-be-deployed plugin feels like any other built-in feature, complementing the ease of using WordPress and ensuring a seamless user experience.
If you already have a Drupal website, all you need is WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin to be able to deliver live classes from it. One plugin does it all. You can schedule and add live classes to your existing courses, conduct live classes as part of courses or stand-alone sessions, use interactive whiteboard, play videos, share screens and pass audio-video controls to your attendees.
Add live collaboration capabilities to your eFront investment and risk management software with WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin. Host webinars, conduct face-to-face meetings and collaborate on projects directly from your eFront platform with a single set of credentials. WizIQ Virtual Classroom once integrated works like a built-in feature and complements the efficiency of eFront.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why integrate WizIQ Virtual Classroom?

WizIQ Virtual Classroom will allow you to perform following activities directly from your LMS, CMS or website:

  • Schedule and manage live classes
  • Deliver live classes
  • Access class activities
  • Use interactive whiteboard
  • View attendance reports
  • View class recordings

How do I integrate the WizIQ Virtual Classroom API or plugin?

For API, start by signing up for a free 14-day trial on our website. You’ll receive an email from us with developer API documentation with the secure keys and API integration guidelines. Follow the suggested steps to successfully integrate WizIQ Virtual Classroom on your website.

For plugins, as soon as you sign up for a free trial, you receive a confirmation email from us. Following that, you’ll receive a call from one of our customer support executives to help you through the integration.

What if I get ‘invalid API key’ error?

Please make sure to use the API keys exactly the same way they have been provided. Check for spaces as the secure key shouldn’t contain any space. This will resolve the problem. However, feel free to write to us at support@wiziq.com, if the problem persists.

Will it be possible for me to test drive the complete feature-set that WizIQ offers?

Yes, but only if you schedule and deliver classes from your academy on WizIQ. When you access WizIQ Virtual Classroom from within your website, LMS or CMS, you’ll be able to access only virtual classroom functionality.

However, if you create an academy on WizIQ during your trial period, you’ll be able to access all the features such as, course creation software, test creator, eCommerce gateway and detailed reporting and analytics. You can create and sell self-paced video tutorials as well.

What features does WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin or API offer?

WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin or API comes with:

  • Unlimited audio streams (any number of attendees can speak at the same time).
  • 5 live video streams at one time
  • Text chat with emoticons and colors for context.
  • Content sharing (Doc, PPT, XLS, PDF, Videos, etc.) for a more media-rich learning experience.
  • A whiteboard with screen and app sharing option, code editor, and support for writing, annotation, images and videos.
  • Co-branding to add your company’s logo on your classes.
  • A multi-language class interface.

What about content management? What content formats does WizIQ Virtual Classroom support?

The integrated cloud storage allows you to upload, store and organize most types of content formats into folders and sub-folders. You can:

  • Upload material in ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, pdf, swf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, flv, mp3, wav, wma, mov, avi, mpeg, wmv formats
  • Keep the content public (access to everyone in your organization) or private (access to a specific individual or group)
  • Find the content list synchronized in the Content library inside the virtual classroom
  • Delete content files or folders at any time

Is it possible to conduct two live classes simultaneously by different teachers for different audiences?

Absolutely. You can upgrade your subscription in order to conduct multiple classrooms concurrently for different audiences.

How do I upgrade my API/plugin subscription?

Once you’ve completed your 14-day free trial, you would be able to continue with WizIQ Virtual Classroom only after you upgrade the plan. You will see a subscription upgrade option on your WizIQ screen as soon as you log in. Click on it to choose your plan and enjoy uninterrupted service.

How do I choose a pricing plan?

Understand your specific requirements and identify the number of teachers who would conduct sessions from your website, LMS or CMS. Get in touch with us with your requirements and we’ll help figure out what plan best suits your needs. Alternatively, you can choose a subscription plan on your own, once you’ve figured out your requirements.

Are WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugins available on monthly subscription?

All API and plugin subscriptions are priced annually. However, the support for increased user base is provided all the time. All your additional requirements will be accommodated even during your current subscription