Blend online courses with physical classroom instruction using our Blended learning software.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a pedagogical approach that combines offline instructor-led training and online instruction in a single course. The face-to-face time can be utilized for discussing challenging topics or the actual implementation of the theory.  The online media can be used for private studies pre and post classroom time – to access introductory material, or to practice what has been learnt.

WizIQ’s all-inclusive blended learning software allows organizations to smoothly blend the digital component with physical face-to-face instruction.


Complete blended learning platform

WizIQ helps smoothly blend instructor-led live training with offline delivery.

  • The content management suit allows you to upload the courseware in minutes and get you started almost instantly.
  • Simple interface makes it easy for instructors and learners to use it without much formal training.
  • Replace expensive textbooks with eBooks or videos and provide learners the access to courseware anytime anywhere.
blended learning software
blended learning lms

Facilitate independent and collaborative learning

Use a mixed mode of instruction to enable discrete and collective learning simultaneously.

  • Enhance learner engagement by incorporating technology into instruction, class projects and discussions.
  • Allow learners to have control over their learning by introducing digital component.
  • Deliver synchronous eLearning or provide face-to-face support offline as it suits your learners.

Make online instruction as effective as offline

Technology-enabled instruction doesn’t need to compromise on the dynamic aspects of traditional classroom.

  • Use digital content libraries, interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms and chat boxes for collaborative learning.
  • Deliver live support online to your learners irrespective of their locations.
  • Deliver courseware, learning and support on mobile to make instruction more personalized.
lms blended learning
blended learning software

Automate performance management

The biggest advantage of blended learning software is that instructors don’t need to manually collect and organize learner data.

  • Keep track of learner logins, work times and content consumption to measure learning.
  • Allow students to gain insights into their own learning by sharing the data with them.
  • Analyze learning patterns and customize the instruction based on learner data.