Solve the problem of disengaged learners with synchronous learning

WizIQ lets you deliver engaging synchronous online learning sessions

Enjoy perfect synchronous online learning tool with WizIQ

When instructors and learners participate in real-time learning sessions, it’s termed as synchronous learning. Its scope ranges from face-to-face classroom sessions to live online learning. WizIQ synchronous eLearning tool lets you ace your eLearning sessions.

Runs on WebRTC
Access WizIQ from any internet browser – no need to download any software
Intuitive Interface
Teach with live audio-video communication and an advanced, interactive interface
LMS Integration
Integrate smoothly with your existing website or LMS (Moodle, eFront, Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal) using our APIs and plugins
Mobile access
Deliver online classes from any mobile device using WizIQ Android and iOS apps
Session recording
Make use of essential live learning delivery features such as session recording
Safe and secure
Upload your course content securely

What is synchronous learning?

It refers to a learning exercise where instructor and learners engage in real-time learning sessions. Students that participate in a synchronous class are able to interact with instructors and other students – either in face-to-face classroom sessions or through synchronous eLearning tools such as video conferencing and instant messaging. Thus, synchronous learning could be classified as offline and online. While the offline mode, like face-to-face classroom teaching, has been there since the very start, instructor-lead online training has advanced with technology and is now bringing a paradigm shift in the way we learn.

In asynchronous learning, students can learn the same course content at different times and locations. Learners complete the course at their own pace after accessing the course material provided by their instructor. While asynchronous learning classes are flexible since they are not time-bound, live classes get you instant feedback, promote collaboration and foster a sense of community in learners.

When compared with asynchronous learning, synchronous online learning helps to minimize the “Transactional Distance” thus reducing learner’s feelings of isolation and disconnectedness.

Get higher ROI with synchronous eLearning

In synchronous online learning, course content is shared real-time via virtual classrooms, video conferences, live chats, webinars etc. while in offline classes, teachers and students have to be present at the same location in a physical classroom setup when you want to take offline learning delivery online. Synchronous online learning helps you save time, cost and efforts:

  • No geographical constraints come in the way of your sessions
  • Recorded sessions can be reused in future classes
  • Save cost of printing your online course content
  • Zero expenses in travel, accommodation and setting up a classroom
  • Lower cost barriers and higher return on your investment

What to make your online synchronous class a success?

Employing a WizIQ’s synchronous elearning tools to deliver your course content easily and effectively.

  • Audio visual communication
  • Various file formats supported
  • Real time learning
  • Live chatting
  • Controlled access of course content
  • Screen sharing
  • Multilingual support
  • Secure recording
  • Integrated media player
  • Whiteboard
  • Polling tool
  • Breakout rooms
  • Content library accessibility
  • Attendance reporting
  • WizIQ classroom plugins
  • Customization for branding purposes

Teach synchronous eLearning classes with WiziQ

Synchronous eLearning has ushered in a new era of personalized online education. Developing a synchronous online learning tool which can support high number of concurrent data streams is technically more challenging than technology behind asynchronous learning tools. WizIQ has more than ten years of experience and knowledge with such technology providing you the best synchronous learning software in market. Our Virtual Classroom lets you successfully run your synchronous eLearning class and training sessions with its wide-ranging features and online learning tools.

Go online and start your online synchronous sessions

How much time does it take to set-up an online learning session? With WizIQ’s Online Classroom, you just have to go online!

  • No software download is required to set-up your live classroom
  • Real-time audio visual communication for enhanced learning
  • Upload files in almost any format
  • Device setting option to check audio and signal strength for live classes
  • Customize your live classroom portal for branding purposes
  • Integrate smoothly with your existing website or LMS (e.g., Moodle, eFront, Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal) using our APIs & plugins
synchronous e learning

Run your eLearning sessions smoothly with synchronous online learning tools

Conducting a live learning session with our Virtual Classroom is as easy as doing it in a real-life classroom. How? We have replicated all the tools you might need in a real classroom online.

  • Live chatting for a healthy exchange of questions and answers
  • Controlled access of your course content
  • Multilingual support makes sure your learner base is not limited
  • Learning sessions can be recorded for future use saving time and effort
  • Integrated media player and online whiteboard for quick demonstrations
synchronous elearning tools

Keep a track of your online learning sessions

While WizIQ Virtual Classroom helps you in effectively delivering your online classes, these additional features give you a chance to innovate and help you keep a track of your live online learning sessions.

  • Take polls with polling tool to get your students’ views on various topics
  • Breakout rooms let you separate the learners online for class activities
  • Ready access to content library to share course content with learners easily
  • Reporting tools to keep a track of your class attendance and review performance
synchronous online learning

See what our customers have to say about us

“I have been teaching English and Spanish online for 9 years. I specialize in conversation classes. I use selected videos and other online material to help students develop their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. My personal favorite tools on WizIQ are the whiteboard and the ability to record classes that students can download. I also love breakout rooms, which allows me to divide the class into smaller groups. This just makes working together easier.”

Dr. Nancy Zingrone, Psychology Teacher
Alla Folsom
Online Trainer and Owner of Budu-koroleva.ru