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Triumph with technology

Traditional teaching methods allowed for the effective illustration of concepts and sharing of information. However, this also meant that learner would have to spend money to travel to the classroom, obtain all the necessary course content, fees and other charges, only to learn according to the styles and method which that particular teacher/trainer would use. WizIQ brings you an opportunity to teach and train interactively and overcoming the challenges of traditional teaching through our virtual instructor led training software.

Easy and hassle-free

With WizIQ, create your very own live course and have it up and running within minutes. These courses can contain content including presentations, documents, online tests, spreadsheets, assignments, recorded lectures and even live, instructor led sessions, which can be scheduled as part of the course for students to attend. Using the WizIQ mobile learning applications means that these sessions can be attended anytime and anywhere. WizIQ allows teacher/trainer to connect with learners using the award-winning WizIQ Virtual Classroom with tools like live audio and video chat, text chat, online whiteboard, screen sharing, file sharing and a media player among others making live interaction and knowledge sharing a breeze.

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Your own online academy

With virtual instructor led training software, creating online training is very simple. Enroll learners, create session schedules and upload content which can be made available for access on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. So create your own live, instructor-led course on WizIQ and experience the education of tomorrow, today!

Learn better!

Get set for hybrid learning

Instructor-led learning

Bring the classroom to your students with the Virtual Classroom, where you can interact with students in a live setting. Ask questions, respond to your students’ requests and engage them using video chat with up to 5 learners and audio chat with an unlimited number of learners.

Teach by example

Use the screen-sharing feature in the Virtual Classroom to illustrate processes to learners by letting them see your desktop on their device. Teach through example while your data stays secure and in your control at all times.

Instant Feedback

Get feedback from your learners using the Chat feature as well as polls in the Virtual Classroom, as well as post-class feedback forms to help you identify and implement the best strategies for educating your learners.

Pace yourself

Apart from live, online classes, you can also create self-paced courses which learners can take at their own pace. Create sections using course content like high-definition videos, recordings of elapsed live classes, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, tests, assignments and so much more!