self paced learning

Everything you need to
provide self-paced eLearning.

Self Paced eLearning

Self-paced classes let you study

self paced trainingAdapt and improvise

Every learner has a different learning pace. Identifying and then adapting to the learning abilities of every student is a challenge that all teachers hope to overcome. WizIQ enables educators to create self-paced courses and self-paced training that allow learners to learn at their own pace and consume varied content, such as, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, recorded classes, and more.

Create and forgetself paced classes

You can create a self-paced training and course within minutes through an easy and intuitive process. Add content to your course, which you think works best for your learners. Invite everyone or just a select group of learners to join your course via email or social media. Combine that with WizIQ mobile apps for Android and iOS, and your learners can take your course virtually anywhere. With WizIQ, learning never stops

self paced elearningAssess and progress

Self-paced elearning and evaluation go hand in hand. WizIQ allows educators to keep a track of learners’ progress through its online testing system and assignment feature. With WizIQ, you get all the tools to deliver self-paced elearning the way you want it. Use self-paced courses or schedule live courses with instructor-led online classes. With the award-winning WizIQ online course creation tools at your disposal, delivering high-impact education has never been easier.

Learn at your own pace

Use self-paced learning in your online courses


Upload your classes

Create a video lecture the way you want & upload it into the WizIQ Content Library. Schedule it as part of your course & all your learners can check it out when it becomes active. You can also share your classes with the learners enrolled in your courses via email & social media


Manage your time

With WizIQ, educators will have access to learners from all over the world. However, this means that they might be in different time zones. With self-paced courses, this is no longer a concern since learners can access them at any time.


Schedule and forget

Simply create your self-paced training or course and sit back and relax as your learners access course content, complete their assignments and take tests without having to be present for each and every session.


Be inclusive

A self-paced training or course can also contain recordings of your live classes along with the other course content as well. In case some learners in your course miss out on a live session, they can use these recordings for their reference to catch up quickly with the rest of the class!