Virtual Classroom Software for live online classes

Teaching in the Virtual Classroom becomes as engaging and easy as the traditional classroom.

WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom lets you collaborate in real time during online delivery of classes and training sessions. With our powerful platform’s features and range of useful tools, you can:
Increase student engagement with real-time audio-video communication, text chats, and advanced, interactive whiteboards.
Integrate smoothly with your existing website or LMS (e.g., Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai) using our APIs & plugins.
Deliver live classes on-the-go from any mobile device using WizIQ Android and iOS apps.
Manage your classes and students easily with handy features like Attendance Reporting, Recording, and Notifications.
Reuse lectures recorded by using WizIQ’s recording and secure content facility.
Access WizIQ from any internet browser, without downloading any software.
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Four reasons why WizIQ's Virtual Classroom is better in every way

Traditional classroom

WizIQ Virtual Classroom

  • Skyrocketing travel, infrastructure, and course materials costs

    Teach students around the world without travel expenses—for you or them. Save time and money by creating courseware with a single click. Save on printing and materials costs.

  • Teaching limited to and within the classroom

    Access the Virtual Classroom from anywhere using WizIQ’s mobile apps.

    Learn about the WizIQ Apps for iPad and Android
  • Limited capacity for using multiple learning technologies at once

    Deliver synchronous online courses through the Virtual Classroom using our easy plug-ins for Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard Learn™, and even your own website.

    Learn about Plug-ins for:

  • Extra effort, time, and energy spent on creating new lesson plans for every batch

    Record and reuse your online classes, including whiteboards and all audio/video communication, using the Virtual Classroom’s convenient recordings feature.

Over 1 billion minutes of live, online learning already got delivered.

Virtual Classroom features for designing and delivering a complete online curriculum

Real-time audio and video communication

Text chatting

Interactive whiteboards

Varied courseware file types and desktop screen

Multilingual support in 19 languages

Integrated media player

Polling tools

Teacher-managed control options

Breakout rooms

WizIQ Virtual Classroom plug-ins

Secure recording capabilities

Attendance reporting and notifications

Audio and video communication

Add your personality to your virtual learning environment

Bring your online sessions to life with live, multi-way audio streaming and real-time video streaming that can be accessed by all participants. You can also use our Virtual Classroom to interact and chat with students during live online classes. Fullscreen video is available for easy viewing on a variety of display sizes.

Interactive whiteboards

Teach with online classroom tools

Our online whiteboard tools can become your biggest assets during a Virtual Classroom session. Just like a traditional blackboard, you can write notes, solve math problems, draw diagrams, use graphs for students, and more, during engaging, real-time e-classes.

Studentnest chooses WizIQ to offer live one-on-one math tutoring.

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Our students love WizIQ because it allows them the opportunity to interact with other students in real time. Students post questions using the chat feature, and other students or the instructor answers them, resulting in a great collaboration session. I especially like the ease of use and the ability to use WizIQ on an iPad. The price also really makes it something to love.

DMACC, Des Moines Area Community College

Multilingual support in 19 languages

Teach the world in online classrooms without language barriers

Our versatile multilingual support helps you teach students across the world in 19 different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Farsi (Persian), French, German, Italian, Malaysian, Polish, and Turkish.

Polling tools

Increase interactivity in the Virtual Classroom

Enabling the real-time interaction of a traditional classroom, our Virtual Classroom polling tools enable you to ask students questions and receive answers instantly during class. Surprise students with a quick quiz or conduct a survey, and then easily assess comprehension levels by viewing results in bar graph or chart form.

Breakout rooms

Create groups within the classroom for more personalized instruction

Divide your students into smaller groups and place them in up to 5 breakout rooms for more personalized online learning. While students work, you can moderate each breakout session and even move students from room to room using management controls and the intuitive interface of our online platform.

Secure recording capabilities

Capture your sessions and reuse them as much as you like

Record lessons on the Virtual Classroom, including every audio/video input and multiple interactive online whiteboards. You can even reuse the recordings, share them with students, and track file access through weekly reports.

Will my recordings stay safe?

Absolutely. We protect your information with URLs that are specially coded to expire after a certain time, to keep your data secure.

WizIQ's multilingual interface allows me to teach women who only speak Russian and can only read the Cyrillic Alphabet. WizIQ is specifically created with user-ease in mind. Even the technologically challenged can run classes on WizIQ. My students can attend classes by simply clicking on a link! WizIQ works on any browser and with any device.

Alla Folsom, Online Trainer and Owner of

Text chatting tools

Communicate easily in real time using online classroom tools

Text chat with students individually or in groups, and even in multiple languages, on our robust, multilingual e-learning platform.

Integrated media player

Stream audio, video, and other multimedia files easily and securely

Play audio/video files in HD quality using the built-in Media Player in our virtual learning environment. Stream YouTube videos without buffering or interruptions and keep your files secure with WizIQ's real-time encryption.

Learn about video streaming

Attendance reporting and notifications

Keep track of your students during the course

Notify students of upcoming classes, send reminders directly to their e-mail, and generate attendance and file access reports to easily assess student participation.

Teacher-managed control options

Retain control with your online classroom tools

Exercise complete control over the online platform or transfer control to selected students at any time during a Virtual Classroom session. You can also give students access to the platform’s interactive whiteboard, audio, and video controls, so that they, too, can share their video stream or desktop with the class.

WizIQ Virtual Classroom plug-ins

Integrate with your website, Moodle, Blackboard Learn™, Sakai or any other LMS

WizIQ's APIs offer Virtual Classroom plug-ins for Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard Learn™, and your personal website. You can use these platforms to schedule online classes, deliver high-impact presentations, and even watch class recordings

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning integrates their learning management system with the WizIQ Virtual Classroom for more interactive e-learning.
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24x7 customer and technical support

Depend on a live WizIQ professional for help, whenever you need it.

WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom software is simple and user-friendly, so you don’t need technical training, expert computer skills, special hardware, or software downloads. Plus, if you need help, we’re always just a click away – all day, every day.

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