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Over 200,000 teachers and 3 million learners use WizIQ

  • Five continents collaborating via a new free tool. That is amazing...The potential of this tool is greater than... Durff
  • I was especially struck by the lack of delay. Jeff and I were able to carry on a conversation, as if we were on the phone ... David Warlick
  • I found this great program the other day called WizIQ...I was very impressed with WizIQ Jeff Utecht
  • ... the latest Internet-based platforms (like WizIQ) are extremely stable and have been delightful to use. Maria H. Andersen
  • WizIQ thanks for initiating the battle for virtual classroom freedom...I am surprised that Google and the Gang did not think ... Ali Alsagoff
  • I love WizIQ. It has enhanced my teaching abilities in a virtual classroom and my students love it. Will Edmond
  • Very smooth interface, I'm impressed. Shelly Blake Plock
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