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Create a MOOC in minutes with WizIQ LMS

A comprehensive cloud-based quick-to-implement MOOC builder

WizIQ simplifies MOOC creation, delivery, administration and consumption with its built-in features.

Built-in course template
No need to worry about the course structure. Create a MOOC by following the default course template.
Deliver MOOCs
Create and deliver self-paced or time-bound MOOCs on any subject from WizIQ.
Admin support
Add, remove and group users, define roles and permissions, and track their performance.
Built-in eCommerce
Take advantage of integrated eCommerce gateway to collect payments online for paid MOOCs.
100% brandable. Opt for white-labeling to give the learning portal your branding.
Mobile support
All MOOCs created are automatically desktop and mobile friendly at no additional cost.

Create a MOOC with WizIQ’s MOOC-building platform

Whether you’re an academic institution or business, MOOCs can help propel educational and career benefits for your audience while also promoting your brand image in the eLearning industry. MOOCs are effective when:

  • you want to support your existing teaching and training initiatives
  • give your audience an added convenience to learn or upgrade at their will
  • you want to push learning at a subliminal level

For educators, MOOCs bring opportunities to

  • expand their reach
  • enroll students from around the world
  • generate one more revenue stream
  • strengthen their brand

While for businesses, MOOCs can help maximize the employee training results even when the budget is a constraint. So, the whole idea of creating a MOOC is to push learning with flexibility using the minimum possible resources.

What is a MOOC?

A MOOC – Massive Open Online Course – is a self-paced video-based course.

  • Lectures or sessions are video tutorials. These are pre-recorded.
  • Communication is asynchronous.
  • Intervention is in the form of exercises, and tests are automated.
  • There is no limit on enrollment.
  • Learning is self-paced.
  • The learner’s participation is voluntary.

However, it’s possible to incorporate synchronous learning to a MOOC and make it more efficient, effective and collaborative.

How to choose a MOOC-building platform?

If you’re considering creating a MOOCs to get some serious results, one of the first considerations is getting the right technology. Though you can create videos using free tools, a MOOC is much more than a video. It’s a full-fledged course with different content types, tests, and analytics, and needs to be hosted. Therefore, you need a comprehensive MOOC builder that takes care of all creation, delivery, operational and monetary aspects of your courses.

How is WizIQ the right choice?

WizIQ is one of the best MOOC-building platforms offering everything you need to create, host, deliver and assess MOOCs at one place. Not only this, you can add a social component to otherwise not-so-social video courses without an added expense. You can create and launch as many MOOCs you want to from one single platform.

Deliver interactive MOOCs with WizIQ LMS

  • Cloud storage
  • Content library
  • Course management
  • User management
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Subscription-based plans
  • Test and assessments
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Support for live instruction
  • Mobile friendly
  • White-labeling
  • Built-in payment gateway

Dive into WizIQ’s MOOC-building platform

Create and float MOOCs speedily

WizIQ accelerates MOOC creation, reducing the time to market. You can simply copy and paste or upload content. No coding experience is required.

  • Quickly put together course content using the simple built-in course template.
  • Import or embed any content type.
  • Add syllabus, course content, assignments, tests to offer a complete learning package.
  • Store content in the cloud to make it easily available anytime anywhere.
  • Multi-author collaboration is possible if you have defined user roles and permissions.
mooc builder

Add synchronous element to MOOCs

WizIQ MOOC builder allows you to add live interaction to a self-paced MOOC ensuring instructor-learner and learner-learner collaboration.

  • Facilitate audio-video communication to add a social component to MOOCs.
  • Foster rich and active learning by designing live interventions at regular intervals.
  • Use discussion forums and public chat for interaction among attendees from around the world.
  • Use live interactive assignments and tests to evaluate learner understanding.
  • Conduct polls and surveys to take feedback from your audience.
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Deliver MOOCs with greater flexibility

Whatever your learners’ preferences are, WizIQ has got them covered. You will have all the ways and means to deliver learning with greater flexibility.

  • All MOOCs are desktop and mobile friendly by default.
  • The live interaction is possible on all internet-enabled devices.
  • Your audiences can access and take courses from their smartphones. WizIQ supports iOS, Android, and Windows.
mooc building platform

Manage learning operations

Administration of your eLearning initiative is crucial to its success. Ensure efficient organization and management of courses and users from the same platform.

  • Create, edit and update MOOCs and add or extend course duration and timelines.
  • Enroll, delete and group users and set roles and responsibilities and access rules.
  • Send users notifications, reminders from the same platform.
  • Give tests and get insights into learner performance.
  • Offer digital badges or certifications to participants on successful course completion.
mooc builder

Plan the learner’s journey within the platform

Whether your MOOC is designed to provide educational or career benefits, WizIQ MOOC builder makes it possible to design your learner’s journey from within the platform.

  • Roll out a course trailer in the form of a video giving them an idea about the course.
  • Design initial assessment to check the understanding of your learners before the course starts.
  • Use a mix of content formats to cater to different learning styles.
  • Design intervention at every level and assess their learning at each stage.
  • Reward them with a badge or certificate on course completion.
host mooc

Create branded MOOCs

Stand-out and create a distinguished brand identity by leveraging whitelabeling option.

  • Promote recognition by placing your company logo on the interface and content assets.
  • Promote your brand further by choosing a name for your online portal that resonates with your existing business.
  • Use customized class URL emphasizing more on your branding.
mooc building platforms

Generate revenue by rolling out paid MOOCs

Monetization of MOOCs will help support the production engine as well as the infrastructure and resources required to create, run and promote your MOOCs. Add a monetary component to your courses with no additional cost.

  • Make use of the built-in, highly secure eCommerce gateway to sell your MOOCs from the same platform.
  • Give your audience multiple payment options such as net banking, debit and credit card, Wells Fargo, CC Avenue and others.
  • Keep track of transactions as all the payment details are automatically saved and updated.


Know how to make your learners complete the course and create a win-win for you and your audience.