The WizIQ Platform

The WizIQ Platform includes everything you need to take your teaching online, from a virtual classroom, to functionality to create and deliver courses with assessment tools and content sharing feature. WizIQ provides exclusive features that save time and enhance collaboration between students and teachers. WizIQ also integrates with other Learning Management Systems and websites through well-documented API, allowing anyone, whether a middle school teacher, a private tutor, a test prep company, a university, or anything in between to start teaching online.

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Tools to connect with your students in real-time

WizIQ enables synchronous distance learning with tools like real-time virtual classrooms with multi-way audio, up to 6 live video streams, integrated chat, online whiteboard, application sharing, file transfer, breakout rooms, and more.

Easy and effective text chat

Give personal attention to your remote students in one-on-one or group chat; even chat in their local language.

Up to 6 live video streams

Have face-to-face interactions with your remote students and conversations without echo, even without headsets.

Whiteboard tools to draw naturally

Write in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew; solve math equations with math symbols, draw using the drawing tools, and flip among multiple whiteboards.

Easily upload on the fly

Share PowerPoint slides, documents, web pages, and even your desktop with remote students in real time. Share YouTube videos synchronously.

Breakout sessions and recordings

Students can comprehend difficult concepts and collaborate with their peers through discussions in breakout rooms or watch recordings of live classes.

Tools to create and deliver courses

The WizIQ Course functionality supports synchronous and asynchronous course work. In addition to enabling the delivery of rich content, WizIQ provides an easy-to-use tool set with everything that teachers need to deliver quality online courses.

Course Creation Wizard

Promotes an effective course structure and ensures the alignment of courseware and assessments with course objectives.

Attendance reporting

Manage your students with reports on class attendance, time spent in the class, and tests taken.

Assessments and Question Bank

Straight-forward assessment tools: create your own question bank, make use of a pre-built WizIQ question bank, or use polls in the classroom.

Content Library

Publish courseware in any format (Presentations, PDFs, Documents, Videos or multimedia content) and share it in the virtual classroom or distribute it to students directly.


Through an intuitive interface, organize courseware and add to the course map provided by the course creation wizard.

Tools to run your online teaching business

WizIQ provides tools to help you streamline your administrative processes. You can enable multiple teachers of your organization to give live classes in the virtual classroom.

Add and manage teachers

Create accounts for multiple teachers and enable them to schedule and deliver classes, independently from your teaching website on WizIQ. Teachers get a separate Teacher Console to login, schedule and present live classes.

Get your personalized teaching website on WiziQ

No hosting, no development cost. Easy! Start with a 30- day free trial, choose a subdomain, co-brand it and your personalized teaching website is live. Also, the total cost of ownership is comparatively less.

Integrate within your website, CMS or LMS

WizIQ is highly extensible and easily integrates with your existing system. Easily integrate WizIQ Virtual Classroom within your website or your favorite LMS using WizIQ API. You can schedule online classes, deliver high-impact presentations, and even watch class recordings, all using the plugin of WizIQ Virtual Classroom for Moodle.

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API Integrations

WizIQ offers APIs to integrate the WizIQ Virtual Classroom into your existing website or content management system.

Integrate the WizIQ Virtual Classroom with Moodle

The WizIQ Virtual classroom plugin for Moodle is available for versions 1.9, 2.0 to 2.3.

Integrate the WizIQ Virtual Classroom with Blackboard Learn™

A Building Block is available to use the our Virtual Classroom solutions within Blackboard Learn™ 9.0 and 9.1.

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