Online Teaching and Training Simplified with WizIQ

WizIQ features let you conduct live classes and create self-paced courses within minutes

WizIQ is equipped with a high-definition Virtual Classroom, a cloud-based Course Builder with unlimited course creation and content upload capacity, and the world’s first white-labeled (custom-branding enabled) mobile learning application for learners.

Virtual Classroom
Deliver live learning with HD video conferencing, online whiteboard and real-time messaging with unlimited participants
Course Builder
Upload content in any format and create interactive self-paced eLearning courses within minutes
Tests and Assessments
Create multimedia tests and assessments online in 9 different formats
Reports and Analytics
Keep track of your teaching performance and your learners’ progress with class and course related analytics
Mobile Learning
Let your learners access your eLearning content on-the-go with WizIQ mobile and tablet application for Android and iOS devices
LMS eCommerce
Sell instructor-led and self-paced courses with a payment gateway integrated into your learning portal

WizIQ’s feature-rich platform is the only end-to-end online learning delivery solution you will ever need

WizIQ is equipped with eLearning tools and features that help you replicate the physical classroom experience online. Moreover, WizIQ runs on WebRTC, offers unlimited capacity, and comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for better navigation and ease-of-use.

Deliver high-definition live learning

WizIQ’s WebRTC-based Virtual Classroom lets you teach live with a high-resolution transmission, echo-free audio and eLearning tools such as online whiteboard, polling and live chat. With WizIQ Virtual Classroom, you can

  • Define participants’ role and conduct instructor-led live classes with HQ resolution and a 5-way audio-video layout
  • Replicate the classroom experience with a feature-rich multi-tabbed online whiteboard
  • Collaborate live with your learners using live chat, live YouTube video stream, screen and application sharing, breakout rooms and polling features
  • Code in real-time with your computer programming learners on a shared integrated development environment
  • Integrate the Virtual Classroom API/Plugin with your existing LMS (Wordpress, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Joomla, Drupal, Sakai, Efront, Totara and Edmodo) or website to add a live class functionality
HD live classes

Create self-paced courses for flexible learning

WizIQ’s Online Course Creation module lets you create your own eLearning website or portal within minutes. You can upload content in multiple formats and add as many attendees as you want with WizIQ’s unlimited cloud storage. With Course Builder, you can

  • Set up your learning portal in just a few clicks and upload content in multiple formats
  • Upload as much content as you want with unlimited storage and create different sections based on the built-in course structure
  • Add your logo and brand color and get a customized white-labeled learning portal for your business
  • Navigate easily with a smooth, intuitive and user-friendly interface
create self-paced courses

Test your learners

With WizIQ online exam builder feature, you can create multimedia tests in different formats to assess the performance of your learners. WizIQ Test and Assessments feature lets you

  • Create online tests in 9 different formats
  • Insert pictures to make your tests engaging and interactive
  • Set rules and guidelines to customize your tests
  • Create different sets, randomize MCQ options and assign time limits to make your tests cheating proof
  • Generate comprehensive test reports and scorecards to analyze performance
organize test

Assess course and learners’ performance

Improve your course effectiveness and take corrective actions by deriving insights from automated reports with WizIQ LMS analytics feature. Here is what you can do with this feature

  • Measure class and course performance with attendance and course completion reports
  • Offer personalized learning by identifying the weak students and taking remedial actions
  • Make changes to your course content and teaching style by spotting the weak areas of your syllabus
  • Get faster ROI and ensure course success with targeted efforts to address specific issues
  • Generate automated reports and download them in CSV format for record keeping

Offer mobile learning on-the-go

WizIQ mobile learning application for Android and iOS devices lets your learners access course content and attend live classes directly from their smartphones and tablets. With WizIQ mobile app, your learners can

  • Access your course content (self-paced courses and live classes) from their smartphones and tablets
  • Check notifications, messages, course schedule and send messages
  • Start learning instantly on mobile without investing in expensive laptops and computers
best mobile app

Sell live and self-paced online courses

Reach out to more customers with an online payment gateway integrated into your online academy. WizIQ LMS eCommerce feature lets you create paid online courses and live classes with a single click. With eCommerce module, you can

  • Get a PCI compliant integrated payment portal in your online academy for faster and easier transactions
  • Create and sell your online courses with zero additional charges on user payment transactions
  • Ensure security of sensitive information (card, account and bank details) with tokenization
  • View and download payment transactions related reports