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Beautiful Pictures from around the Globe.

Beautiful Pictures from around the Globe.


In this Video you will see Pictures of the Most Amazing and Beautiful places from all over the world.

Sucess always rules

Sucess always rules

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Sucess rules

Asp.Net MVC Framework

Asp.Net MVC Framework

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An Introducition to ASP.NET MVC by Alan Dean.Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a well-known design pattern The original 1978 implementation is described...

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I am an experienced Teacher fully aware of the effect of the learning environment on learners and learning. I actively involve learners in reflection on own and others performance. I am Innovative and I always experiment with different learning resources and equipment and try to evaluate their effectiveness that demonstrates flexibility and skill in setting up a safe and purposeful learning environment. Besides i always seek to manage learner behaviour constructively by establishing and maintaining a clear and positive behaviour framework with my students in my classroom.
Be with me and you will find the difference.