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Asp.net Online Tests
6 Questions | 8215 Attempts
Asp.net online test (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS)
5 Questions | 19017 Attempts
Asp.net online test, Asp.Net Quiz, MCTS, Asp.Net, Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist, c#, Programming
Test your C Programming Skills
5 Questions | 72177 Attempts
C, C Programming, C Progrmming Online Test, C++ Test, Online Test, C Test
Asp.Net 2.0
5 Questions | 3500 Attempts
c#, Web, Javacsript, ASP.NET, IT & Computers: ASP.NET
Test your Computer Knowledge 2
26 Questions | 4554 Attempts
Computer Science, Computer Graphics
Test your Computer Knowledge
50 Questions | 3755 Attempts
Computer Science, Computer Graphics
Mechanical engineering: Force
7 Questions | 680 Attempts
Force, Momentum and Energy, Engineering Mechanics, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
Mechanics: Chains and Mechanism
50 Questions | 589 Attempts
Kinematic Pairs, Chains and Mechanism, THEORY OF MECHANISMS AND MACHINES
Mechanical Engineering: Friction
18 Questions | 577 Attempts
Friction, Engineering Mechanics, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
Mechanical Engineering: Automobile Engineering
50 Questions | 2492 Attempts
.C. Engines & Automobile Engineering, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
Mechanical Engineering: Centre of the Gravity
40 Questions | 490 Attempts
Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia, Engineering Mechanics, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

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I am an experienced Asp.net Teacher fully aware of the effect of the learning environment on learners and learning. I actively involve learners in reflection on own and others performance. I am Innovative and I always experiment with different learning resources and equipment and try to evaluate their effectiveness that demonstrates flexibility and skill in setting up a safe and purposeful learning environment. Besides i always seek to manage learner behaviour constructively by establishing and maintaining a clear and positive behaviour framework with my students in my classroom.
Be with me and you will find the difference.