Introducing WizIQ NextGen

Deliver great learning experiences anytime anywhere on any device

A sneak peek into WizIQ NextGen

Launching WizIQ NextGen – your one-stop platform for end-to-end management of online learning operations. With the ability to deliver and manage live, self-paced and scheduled courses and measure performance from one platform, you’ve never had so much control.

Clean and lean design
Inspired by Google’s material design, WizIQ NextGen sports a super-sleek look and feel. The user interface has been designed to look familiar and easily adoptable.
Integrated learning delivery platform
WizIQ NextGen has everything in tact – virtual classroom, course builder, test creator, analytics and e-commerce and is capable of executing live, self-paced and scheduled courses.
WebRTC and Microsoft Azure powered
Powered by Microsoft Azure, WizIQ NextGen comes as a more reliable cloud-based platform. Also, the brand new Virtual Classroom is webRTC-based to facilitate real-time communication across browsers and devices.
World’s first fully brand-able mobile apps
WizIQ NetGen comes with the world’s first fully customizable and brand-able mobile learning applications for iOS and Android. Create branded learning experiences and reach your audience right on their smartphones.

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What can WizIQ NextGen do for you?

What our customers have to say?

We have created WizIQ NextGen with the needs of end users in mind. Some of our premium customers from around the world have had a chance to test drive our brand new learning delivery platform. Here’s what they have to say: