How WizIQ Can Support Home-Schooling Families

Home-Schooling is becoming commonplace in the United States. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, there are more than 2 million children being educated at home, and the population is growing by 2-8% each year. Home-based, parent-led education is also growing in other countries, such as Australia, Canada, Hungary, Japan, Kenya, and the United Kingdom. Families that home-school know that students do not need a “School” to learn. 

To become avid learners, kids need 
-A supportive learning community
-Interesting curriculum
-Time and space to process ideas
-A multi-sensory approach to ideas

And all these requirements are fulfilled by online learning. 

Our whitepaper, How WizIQ Can Support Home-Schooling Families outlines how WizIQ supports each of these needs. WizIQ Virtual Classroom is used by colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and businesses in order to deliver many forms of distance and blended instruction. The WizIQ's eLearning platform is also unique in its flexibility, working just as well for homeschooling parents as it does for online universities.

Download this free whitepaper to
-Learn how WizIQ, through its robust functionality, supports home-school learners
-Get great ideas on managing the curriculum of your children, across grades

Download this whitepaper now and equip yourself with the tools to successfully teach your children at home and make their learning experience more rewarding.

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