How to Start Your Own Online Tutoring Business

Do you have special skills or knowledge that you'd like to share with others through tutoring? Are you excited by the possibility of reaching out to students from all over the world by tutoring online but don't know where to begin? This whitepaper is for you.

Whether you want to tutor independently or start up a small tutoring business, there’s a lot of information out there to sift through making it difficult to take the right decision. Our whitepaper, How to Start Your Own Online Tutoring Business, will answer questions you may have and give the confidence you need to start a successful tutoring program.

Download this free whitepaper to get answers to the following:

1. Initial Planning: It’s important not to go into tutoring blindly. From the choice of subject, to the kind of students you want to teach, to even the time you want to spend teaching – you need to plan. 

2. Devising a Contract: The contract is as much a commitment by you to teach as it is by students to learn (and to pay you, regardless). 

3. Getting Started with WizIQ: How an educational platform like WIzIO can amplify your class experience and what all tools should you be using. 

4. Marketing: How do you find students in need of your services? Know more about different websites and online strategies to find students outside of WizIQ community.

Download this Free Whitepaper and get started with your successful tutoring business.

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