Connecting Learners and Educators: Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and WizIQ

Colleges and universities around the world have embarked on something of a technology arms race. Skype and Google+ Hangouts have quickly made their way into the educational mainstream. While Skype and Google+ have powerful business applications and great social potential, respectively, they are sorely lacking in features needed for serious distance education endeavors as well as the less formal interactions that students should be able to have with professors, teachers, TAs, tutors, and their peers.

For providing effective online education, Educational Service Providers (ESPs) need to look beyond inexpensive and prevalent technology applications; and adopt platforms, devised from ground up, for online education.

Our whitepaper, Connecting Learners and Educators: Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and WizIQ, focuses on the requirements of a great learning application and goes on to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each of the mentioned applications as a learning platform. It also brings to light the many features of WizIQ that make it a perfect elearning platform.

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1. The requirements of a robust educational tool
2. Why Skype and Google+ Hangouts, when used as education tools fail to impress
3. How WIzIQ trumps these tools to be a robust, cost effective choice for educational platform

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