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About Vishal

He is an Engineering Graduate and started his career with Dell International Services as Technical Support Associate. Now, he is working as Technology Trainer with WizIQ and ameliorating the online education.He actively involves himself in personalized teacher trainings and public classes on virtual classroom usability.

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Lucid explanation, perfect diction..very useful

By Byomkesh Kumar

On 05 February, 2013

it was good,i gained good knowledge how to use the screen in a classroom

By Asma

On 04 February, 2013

I knew new things and the presentes answered all my questions. It was good

By Jesus Seminario

On 18 January, 2013

The presentor did a good job. He was explaining nicely. He did his role very well. I will learn more as I experience it in future.

By Sambasivan Srinivasan

On 02 January, 2013

Very good explanation

By Mahboob Fathima

On 31 October, 2012

Highly professional and frankly demonstrating allowing for asking any query coming to mind. Never-ever allow you have some confusion. Discussion is clear crystal. I would recommend him for all the demos.
great classs

By nikita garg

On 28 September, 2012

Very patient, good manners and knowledgable

By Millie Stoff

On 21 September, 2012

Thanks, Vishal, for an excellent demo and answering my queries. Because of my extremely busy schedule, this is a bit belated comment. I wish you well.

By Asad Latif

On 09 September, 2012

I thought he did a great job with the pace of the instruction and also answered all questions at the time when we had them.

By Jill Haverly

On 24 August, 2012

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