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About vinodita sankhyan

A member of Englishteachersvn, Vinodita takes up customized online Courses on Soft Skills, Spoken English and Teacher's Training for teachers, professionals, students and adults

The presenter, an accomplished online teacher with WiZiQ has over 11 years of experience teaching English at the graduate and post-graduate level in a prestigious college. She is a Punjab University topper, has cleared the University Grants Commission UGC (Net). She is also trained to coach IELTS/TOEFL and is a soft-skill and Spoken English co-coordinator. She has the satisfaction of successfully guiding loads of aspirants in their respective fields to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

The instructor will help you to build your self-confidence by using English as a tool! She will inspire you to learn new skills, shed your fears and inhibitions and project yourself as a confident and an in-command-winner. She gives you a chance to learn and practice your English skills in a conducive environment and without the fear of being judged.

After listening to many of the students' hopes, desires, and complaints about English language learning especially the ‘textbook English’ taught at the conversation schools, the facilitator has launched these series of lessons in grammar and spoken English. The sessions have been designed after through research using international study material and techniques. All sessions are designed using innovative approach with well-organized and structured study plans. Lectures are complemented with additional learning activities like group reviews, quizzes, games etc. The objective is to encourage you to take small steps to mould your weakness into your strength.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $40-50 per hour

Group Teaching at $40-50 per hour

In Person Teaching

One-on-One at $50-70 per hour

Group Teaching at $50-70 per hour

Offers free trial classes

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Grammar and Spoken English (Bachelor of Arts: English)
Language of Instruction: English, Hindi
Grammar, Spoken English, IELTS, Soft skills
Basic Grammar lessons --Fluency in Spoken English and help in writting effectively l (Others)
Language of Instruction: English, Hindi
English Grammar and Spoken English, soft skills, IELTS
coach IELTS and other english related tests (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Teaching Experience

Lecturer in English

DAV College , India

Jul 1997 - Present

English Grammar / Spoken English / Soft skills facillitator / Grooming debates and declamations/ Coaching competitive exams IELTS, TOEFEL and similar exams

Graduated with Hons, in Englishl.Was a university merit holder throughout college.A university topper in Masters in English Cleared UGC(NET) examination. Trained to coach for IELTS , TOEFL and other competitive exams.An accomplished English Grammar teacher

Professional Experience
Team Member
EnglishTeachersvn, Punjab, India
Nov 2009 - Present

We at Englishteachersvn, provide expert guidance for soft skills and teachers training for graduates, undergraduates Students ,Professionals and Adult.Our courses are highly interactive and innovative whereby we help our students to achieve big targets with small steps

declamation instructor
sacred heart convent school/DAV college, Punjab, India
Mar 2008 - Present

apart from being a lecturer in english I have extensive experience in training students for writing essays and preparing them for declamations and debates.also
coach IELTS aspirants and other english related tests I have a good vocabulary and can be of help on that front also


Masters in English

Punjab University, Chandigarh, India

Jun 1984 - Mar 1986

UGC (National Eligibility Test)cleared /was a university topper in M.A and have been a merit holder for the entire college education / Won scholarships for both Graduation and Masters from the govt. / trained at CAREER LAUNCHER to coach for IELTS , TOEFL and other exams / Grammar expert / an accomplished writer of speeches and other such documents /Headed the team and prepared the students for ,university ,inter university,state and national level debates and declamations


Sacred Heart Convent School, India

Mar 1971 - Mar 1980

Professional Exams & Certifications

Trained at CAREER LAUNCHER to coach IELTS aspirants

Punjab, India

Year Of Passing: 2008

successfully cleared University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET)for teachers

Punjab, India

Year Of Passing: 2000

National Eligibility Test conducted by University Grants Commision

UGC, India

Year Of Passing: 2000


UGC, India

Year Of Passing: 2000

have been a merit student throughout my college .have been a university topper. I have first hand experience in participation as a student and now as a teacher in training student for debates and declamations and my students have won at the national and state level.

University TOPPER in English HONS. and Masters

Punjab, India

Year Of Passing: 1986

Associations & Membership
Punjab, India
Mar 1980 - Present

I was a university TOPPER for both B.A(hons) and M.A(English) classes I have won a number of prizes
for DEBATES and DECLAMATIONS and have compered such events.
As a teacher ,for the last 10yrs I have been training students at college level for writing essays /debates/ declamations and they have won state and national trophies .
Also train people from all walks of life inSPOKEN ENGLISH and everyday English Fluency
Often invited to PRESIDE over and JUDGE different academic events by prestigious institutions and thereby Honoured by them from time to time

Publications and Research
women emancipation /Raja Rao
vinodita sankhyan

My aricles on such like topics have appeared in national dailies form time to time

by Englishteacher Namrata Arora posted on 10 May, 2010

It's your Masterpiece Lady!
All the best for the Course- students just hop into her classes and learn some really good techniques.

by taha posted on 07 February, 2010

its a great class and you have a great discusion with us thanks

by Rishu posted on 30 January, 2010

Hello Ma'am, That was really an informative & interactive session. I would appreciate the fact that you were able to answer most of the queries raised by members. There was one thing I felt which made the session a bit slow & that was low grasping ability by some members. I would suggest may be you can segregate them for lower level class (which in fact will be beneficial for them). Nevertheless the first time experience was good for me. Thanks for your efforts.

by sakshi bajaj posted on 30 January, 2010

it was a pleasure to attend the classes of Mrs.Minodita Sankhyan and gain knowledge, she hasproved to voluble talker and the best part is that she could generate wholehearted assent in listeners. thank u so much for the class hope we would get such classes frequently . thanks

by saad z1966 posted on 14 November, 2009


by Rohit posted on 14 November, 2009

Thats was the good class.

by N Manoraj . posted on 14 November, 2009

good class , very knowledgeable madam ,,, gave good advice

by Jhansi lakshmi posted on 14 November, 2009

nice session where i got some tips to learn and improve my english

by ashwani9029 Mishra posted on 14 November, 2009

the class was perfect

by chris posted on 07 November, 2009


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