Collaborate and communicate better with WizIQ video conferencing software

WizIQ is an all-inclusive software for video conferencing

Video conferencing is an integral part of online training and eLearning programs. WizIQ’s feature-rich web conferencing module makes live streaming easy, efficient and cost effective.

Quick setup
Runs on WebRTC, simple to set up and use without the need to download software or plugins like Flash or Java.
HD audio-video conferencing
High-quality audio and video streaming with full-screen conference mode and 5-way audio-video layout.
Easy integration
Use WizIQ Virtual Classroom extension to integrate it with your learning management system.
Learning on-the-go
WizIQ mobile app for Android and iOS can be used by your learners to access your live session.
Record your session
Save time and efforts by recording your live session and using it again.
Screen and application sharing
Share your screen or applications like PPT or Excel in whiteboard for enhanced collaboration.

How to choose a video conferencing software?

It doesn’t take an expert to understand the importance of video conferencing but choosing the right one needs a scrutiny of organizational needs or requirements of your online course and a review of available options to select the best video conferencing software. Here are some of the factors that play a key role in deciding which video conferencing software to go for:

  • Need analysis: Look at the specific needs of your organization or your eLearning course, technical proficiency of your users, total cost of ownership, and hardware and software requirements to video conferencing to set priorities accordingly.
  • Ease of operation: There will be a host of people using your software for video conferencing. Therefore, the software you pick should be compatible with different browsers and devices and simple to navigate and use.
  • Quality of output: High-quality video and audio output makes sure your content is visible on all devices and delivered effectively.
  • Tools and features: Look out for useful eLearning tools and features like whiteboard, breakout rooms, polling, analytics, integrated media player and class recorder to make the most of your time.
  • Integration: The video conferencing software you chose should support integration with other LMSs to make file-sharing and accessibility easy and support all content formats.
  • Security and support: Secure streaming and prompt service support save your content from unauthorized access and help you run your sessions without any worry

WizIQ – a complete video conferencing solution

WizIQ WebRTC Virtual Classroom module offers a seamless way to collaborate online with just a single click. Here are the features that set WizIQ apart from its competitors:

  • Server-side recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Collaborative code editor
  • APIs and plugins
  • Advanced whiteboard
  • HD audio-video streaming
  • Polling tool
  • Breakout room
  • Multilingual interface
  • Integrated Content Library

Set up in an instant

WizIQ Online Classroom software is easy to set up and offers a state-of-the-art audio-video conferencing experience with its carefully selected features and high-speed processing.

  • Runs on WebRTC with a 5-way audio-video layout.
  • Quick sign-in, fast processing and no need to download any software or plugins.
  • User-friendly interface with everything you need at your fingertips.
  • High definition audio and video transmission.
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Effortlessly manage your live class

WizIQ web conferencing software strives to give you all the support you need to manage your video conferencing sessions.

  • Attendance tracking and monitoring tools help you measure the progress of attendees.
  • Public chat and screen sharing features put you in constant touch with your attendees for improved communication.
  • Content sharing lets you share relevant documents, pdfs, excels and images in corporate meetings and training sessions.
  • WizIQ software for web conferencing gives you the option to record your live sessions and re-use them.
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Tools and features for improved connectivity

WizIQ web conferencing platform comes with an array of tools and features that come handy while conducting a video conference and help you explain concepts, invoke discussions, garner opinions and track attendance.

  • Our web conferencing software comes with a digital multi-tabbed whiteboard complete with exhaustive features to explain complicated concepts.
  • Tools such as polling, breakout rooms, integrated media player and raise hand lead to increased engagement and easy management of your video conferencing session.
  • A lean and clean interface makes it easy for you and attendees to navigate the platform.
  • Option to pull relevant documents, PDFs and images from content library during a live class gives quick access to the attendees.
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Be in-charge of your live sessions

Data security and customer satisfaction are our two major priorities. WizIQ is a reliable software for video conferencing offering 24/7 service support, safe content upload and access permissions to put you in control of your sessions.

  • Tokenized access gives you the option to control permissions and decide who can access your content.
  • Round-the-clock customer support troubleshoots any issues you may face in conducting a video conference.
  • RTMPTE protocol assures secure streaming and saves your content from unsanctioned access.
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Video conferencing has innumerable applications in educational institutes and corporates. With the rise in mobile device and tablet usage, connectivity-on-the-go has become a fact of life. The applications of an online video conferencing software can vary from remotely training a salesman or teaching a distance learning course to hold global board meetings or dealing with international clients. These applications can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Education: Video conferencing has widened the scope of online education. We can categorize its usage in online education space in three sections:
    • Administration: Video conferencing lets you conduct virtual interviews for teacher recruitment, live stream parent-teacher conferences, hold departmental meetings with staff and teachers with minimum cost and efforts.
    • Teaching: With video conferencing, teaching is no longer limited by school boundaries as it can help you design distance learning courses, organize virtual field trips to save cost and re-use already recorded content in other sessions.
    • Collaboration: Video conferencing gives you the opportunity to collaborate with experts for specific courses, conduct live guest lectures for remotely located attendees and connect campuses and other institutes for relevant live courses.
  2. Corporate: Organizations have understood the cost-effectiveness of video conferencing and, as a result, more and more companies are moving towards live conferencing solutions for administrative work and corporate training programs. Take a look at how video conferencing is helpful in different functions of an organization:
    • Administration and management: Management meeting are a daily reality for today’s working professionals. Be it a town hall meeting, a board meeting, CEO’s address or an investor relations meet, a software for video conferencing can help you disseminate the message to everyone at once.
    • Sales and marketing: Companies can use video conferencing to train and educate their sales persons, vendors, partners and customers in case of a new product launch or the developments in services offered.
    • Technical expertise sharing: With video conferencing, you can avoid flying down an expert to correct a minor glitch in your production machinery and hold technical training for workers to assure optimum knowledge transfer and sharing.
    • Human resources: Video conferencing is very effective in conducting video interviews for new recruitment to speed up the selection process and training new employees situated in different offices in one go. Video conferencing also makes it easy to connect with your colleagues who are situated globally or working from home.

The world has turned into a global village and connectivity is the key to a successful enterprise in this era of globalization. With students, trainees, employees, vendors, business partners or other stakeholders situated in different locations, a comprehensive video conferencing software is required to keep everyone in the loop and move forward together to achieve your goals. Take a look at the benefits of a video conferencing software:

  • Cost and time efficiency: Video conferencing is convenient for trainees and students situated in different locations and saves travel cost and time.
  • Improved relationship and engagement: Video streaming lets you see your trainers and fellow attendees, and fosters a sense of community among the students or employees.
  • Competitive advantage: Quick and low-cost training and teaching courses powered by video conferencing help you in skilling your workforce or devising teaching programs for more students.
  • High reach and scalability: Video conferencing increases the scope of communication, can be scaled as the number of attendees increases and takes relatively lesser time.
  • Enhanced communication: Face-to-face interaction always ranks above written communication or self-paced online learning owing to live presence, faster feedbacks and improved communication.