The best virtual classroom for the Blackboard Learn™ platform

Pay-per-host Simple tools to schedule and attend classes Easy to use; no downloads

Teachers and students can schedule, deliver, and attend online classes within the Blackboard Learn™ platform

  • “I found this great program the other day called WiziQ...I was very impressed with WizIQ” Jeff Utecht
  • “... the latest Internet-based platforms (like WizIQ) are extremely stable and have been delightful to use.” Maria H. Andersen
  • “WizIQ thanks for initiating the battle for virtual classroom freedom...I am surprised that Google and the Gang did not think of it before.” Ali Alsagoff
  • “I love WizIQ. It has enhanced my teaching abilities in a virtual classroom and my students love it.” Will Edmond
  • “Very smooth interface, I'm impressed.” Shelly Blake Plock
  • “...Wow great technology...Participants from all over the world!” Russ Barneveld
  • “...I'm sure it'll be worth the investment. I find myself using it more and more.” Joyce Seitzinger
  • “ is incredible. Just led my Thursday class in Baltimore from a park bench in NYC. Wow. I'm really impressed” Shelly Blake Plock
  • “...amazing online platform for virtual classes!” Nilofer S
  • “WizIQ is certainly an asset for online learning” Nellie Deutsch
  • "Being Flash-based, I have no problems getting schools and industry that are tucked behind firewalls to connect to it. Plus the audio quality is superior" Craig Jackson

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Real-time online collaboration within your LMS

Pay-per-host (or pay-per-room) pricing to suit your needs

No software download or server host required to use WizIQ Virtual Classroom

Automated login for teachers and students

Detailed attendance reports are available to manage classes

Simple tools to schedule, deliver and attend online classes, and view recordings - directly from the Blackboard Learn™ platform

Choose a plan that fits your need

WizIQ offers plans to make it easy for you to conduct simultaneous online classes within the Blackboard Learn™ platform.

WizIQ Virtual Classroom is the best tool for real time collaboration

WizIQ Virtual Classroom integrated with the Blackboard Learn™ platform offers a powerful, synchronous VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) that provides hassle-free, two-way, real-time communication between the student and teacher. A seamless environment is created where teachers and students can connect online from anywhere, including features for archiving classes, specifically geared toward the challenges of the online classroom environment. WizIQ Virtual Classroom features include:

4-way video and multi-way audio:

WizIQ Virtual Classroom offers real-time collaboration with live video streams for up to 4 people and seamless audio communication via VoIP for multiple people simultaneously. Full-screen video is available with a click for easy viewing on a variety of screen sizes. All within the Blackboard Learn™ platform.

Fully-featured whiteboard:

The whiteboard tool equips teachers with tools that enhance interactivity and keep learners focused and interested. Browser-like multiple tabs, multilingual support in the text tool, and standard drawing tools for diagrams allow teachers to post leading questions on the whiteboard, write formulas with arrows and visual cues to address multimodal learning needs, and so much more.

Two-way text chat:

Two-way text chat allows teachers to conduct live classes with real-time interaction. Teachers sitting anywhere in the world can interact privately with one student or in a group. Emoticons, different fonts and colors distinguish speakers, topics, or contexts in the chat room. Teachers can also use the virtual classroom for virtual office hours to answer students’ questions.

Screen sharing for dynamic presentations and training courses:

Teachers can incorporate interactivity by sharing PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, whiteboards, videos from YouTube, or their entire desktop with attendees from right inside the Virtual Classroom. Content can simply be placed in Blackboard Learn™ platform as content files or uploaded on the fly during the class.

Unlimited number of students in a class:

Whether you have two students or 500, WizIQ Virtual Classroom enables teachers to provide a personalized experience for every student across the Blackboard Learn™ platform. Students get complete attention with real-time interactivity for engaging, collaborative learning experiences.

Class recordings available to enhance learning:

All WizIQ sessions can be recorded easily and teachers can make the links of these recordings available to their students for later reference, demonstration, or asynchronous learning. Recordings can be viewed online or downloaded. The best part is that the recording captures everything that happens in the class including the presenters’ audio and video inputs. Teachers also get a weekly report on recording views and downloads.

Create and deliver online classes from within the Blackboard Learn™ platform

WizIQ Virtual Classroom with Blackboard Learn™ platform provides a more integrated flow that frees teachers to focus on their content instead of the technology. Students and teachers can schedule and launch live classes or view recordings in just a few steps from within the Blackboard Learn™ platform. Besides managing, teachers can track class attendance, see listing of their classes and much more. All this from within the Blackboard Learn™ platform.

Students are not required to enter a username or a password for the class as they are pre-authenticated by the Blackboard Learn™ platform.

Teachers can use the WizIQ Virtual Classroom for virtual office hours to answer students’ questions and to collaborate with colleagues or facilitate parent/teacher communication. All recordings and attendance reports are available inside the Blackboard Learn™ platform.

We host the virtual classroom - get started right away

WizIQ offers a complete solution for online delivery of classes and training sessions. With WizIQ, you or your students do not need to add additional software or host the virtual classroom. WizIQ has servers in world-class data centers that have redundant UPS power, generator backup, fully meshed Tier 1 connectivity to multiple backbone providers and in-depth 24×5 monitoring, among other features.

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