Zahra Zargaran

PhD Candidate in TEFL
Female, 39 Years |Ahvaz, Iran, Islamic Republic of

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About Zahra Zargaran
I am a PhD candidate in TEFL. I teach at university and work as an IELTS instructor. The main part of my career is holding trainer/teacher training courses in various areas of professional development for per-service and in-service teachers in both private and public sectors. I have got international publications and national/international conference presentations. My main interest in research area are teacher education, second language teaching/learning, second language testing and evaluation.

PhD candidate in TEFL

Azad University Science and Research Campus Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Sep 2013 - Present

The outcome of the first year of being a PhD candidate is seven publishable papers submitted and to be published soon.

Professional Exams & Certifications

Trainer trainer

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Year Of Passing: 2012

more than 5 years of teacher training and three years of trainer training


Iran, Islamic Republic of

Year Of Passing: 2009

IELTS Instructor

Associations & Membership
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Sep 2007 - Present

Cooperation with the committee, delivering oral and poster presentations and being invited for presenting teacher development workshop

Iran, Islamic Republic of
Jul 2007 - Present

Holding teacher training workshops/courses for in service teachers in public sector and cooperation in material development for public sector

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