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QTP Scripts

QTP Scriptsby G C Reddy Technologies

43 Pages |42986 Views

This document for explaining qtp scripting in vb script orientation

VB Script Objects

VB Script Objectsby G C Reddy Technologies

4 Pages|10859 Views

VB Script Objects; It describes Dictionary object ant Its Methods & Properties with examples. It is useful for QTP Testes as well as web developers.

VB Script Data Types

VB Script Data Typesby G C Reddy Technologies

4 Pages |6682 Views

VB Script Data types for QTP Testers. Explicit and Implicit declaration of data types. Converting data from one type to another.

QTP Videos

QTP Videosby chandra

8 Pages|8470 Views

QTP Videos to learn qtp fundamentals and features, VB Script and Automation framework

QTP Scripts Examples

QTP Scripts Examplesby G C Reddy Technologies

16 Pages |92554 Views

This document provides qtp script examples and it explains vb script in qtp orientation.

qtp excel scripts

qtp excel scriptsby G C Reddy Technologies

2 Pages|20882 Views

vb script excel object model scripts for qtp testing.

QTP Functions

QTP Functionsby chandra

8 Pages |20117 Views

User defined Functions for QTP Testing. This document describes Sub procedures, Function Procedures.

VBScript Examples

VBScript Examplesby G C Reddy Technologies

8 Pages|34482 Views

vb script fundamentals & features for web developers as well as software testers.

QTP Training in Hyderabad

QTP Training in Hyderabadby G C Reddy Technologies

12 Pages |6343 Views

QTP Fundamentals & Features, VB Script, QTP Scripting, Automation Framework Design & Implementation. GUI Scripts, Flat file scripting, Excel S...

QTP Online Training

QTP Online Trainingby G C Reddy Technologies

9 Pages|7708 Views

QTP Online training in vb script orientation

QTP 10.0 Online Training

QTP 10.0 Online Trainingby G.C Reddy

2 Pages |6239 Views

QTP online training in scripting orientation. It provides QTP Fundamentals & Features, VB Script, QTP Framework, Web scripting, GUI Scripting, Databas...