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DNS/BIND Setup on a UNIX based System

DNS/BIND Setup on a UNIX based Systemby Robin Carpeneto


Walkthrough of the compilation and configuration of a nameserver using BIND on a UNIX system.

UNIX For Testers

UNIX For Testersby chandra

13 Pages|3362 Views

UNIX For Testers

UNIX man pages

UNIX man pagesby Dr. Mark Winegar


Dr. Mark show how to access and use UNIX man pages.

Unix Basics

Unix Basicsby jyothi

45 Pages|1397 Views

This material gives you about the basics of Unix


UNIXby gurdeep singh

1 Page |1215 Views

For various subect content news

A Basic UNIX Tutorial

A Basic UNIX Tutorialby gurdeep singh

5 Pages |6617 Views

A Basic UNIX Information

Solaris 10 Administration

Solaris 10 Administrationby xyz wxy

24 Pages|10839 Views

chmod intro

chmod introby Dr. Mark Winegar


Dr. Mark gives a brief introduction to the chmod command.

more on chmod

more on chmodby Dr. Mark Winegar


Dr. Mark talks about file permissions and how to use the chmod command.

Unix Training

Unix Trainingby Abhishek Chib

38 Pages |1952 Views

Advance Unix

Advance Unixby Abhishek Chib

20 Pages|1290 Views


ti1_teoriaLinuxby EscMonteCaparica

23 Pages |3563 Views

AIX commands

AIX commandsby imtiyaj

29 Pages|10767 Views

Summary of the AIX operating system commands.<br/>These commands used for daily operations. Aix is IBM's Unix base operating system which world ...

Process Concepts

Process Conceptsby Vasantha Vivek

18 Pages |2282 Views

Discuss about process concepts! &lt;br/&gt;Parent process creates children processes, which, in turn create other processes, forming a tree of...

Web Design and Development Sprint

Web Design and Development Sprintby Catarina Clemente

4 Pages|2375 Views

Web Design and Development Sprint<br/><br/> Registos de domínios, servidores e alojamentos;<br/> Optimização de...

PC Operating Systems in Review

PC Operating Systems in Reviewby Chiranjibi Regmi

18 Pages |3459 Views

This Lessons includes:<br/> UNIX<br/> DOS<br/> The Macintosh Operating System<br/> Windows 3.x<br/> OS/2 Warp<br/>...

Operating Systems

Operating Systemsby Neenu Prasad

7 Pages|7178 Views

Modern general-purpose computers, including personal computers and mainframes, have an operating system to run other programs, such as application sof...