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Legal Translation

Legal Translationby Legal Translation

2 Pages |941 Views

What makes us the first choice legal translation service for lawyers, in-house counsel and corporate solicitors? In a nutshell – our meticulous result...

Translation from Oriya to English

Translation from Oriya to Englishby Prasanta Purohit

9 Pages|39429 Views

Translation is much in demand these days. How to translate ? Is Translation an art or a science? How does the translation of a literary work hepls in ...

Translation and the Internet - Lecture 1

Translation and the Internet - Lecture 1by Anas Ebrahim

10 Pages |1984 Views

material for first lecture in Translation and the Internet course


TRANSCRIPTION AND TRANSLationby omana padmanabhan



Grade 11- Translation Formulaes

Grade 11- Translation Formulaesby Hendrik van Tonder

2 Pages |1353 Views

Gr 11- Translation Formulae by Maths Wizard. Maths Wizard''s Virtual Classroom offers Direct One-on-One Live Online Lessons to learners/students of al...

O que é tradução Juramentada? What is certified translation?

O que é tradução Juramentada? What is certified Laerte J Silva

3 Pages|3235 Views

Laerte J Silva Tradutor Juramentado - Português-Inglês +55 (31) 3498-6020 -

ConsiliariusLocalis - Home | Professionelle Übersetzungen: Englisch

ConsiliariusLocalis - Home | Professionelle Übersetzungen: Speculumscriptum

3 Pages |859 Views

Der Übersetzer - Home | Professionelle Fachübersetzungen: Englisch, Deutsch, Portugiesisch, Französisch|… Rufen Sie uns und Sie erha...

RNA and Protein Synthesis

RNA and Protein Synthesisby Rupam Mittal


Transcription and Translation is the process in which the synthesis of RNA and Protein takes place.<br/>When DNA seprate into single strand then...

How to understand a text in English (without translations)

How to understand a text in English (without translations)by Eduardo Martins


About Class&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Understanding a text in English “without translations” could be useful when taking exams, right? Sure...

Como achar um tradutor juramentado - How to find a certified transl

Como achar um tradutor juramentado - How to find a certified translby Laerte J Silva

4 Pages|8578 Views

How to find a certified translator? Como encontrar um tradutor juramentado? Laerte J Silva - Português-Inglês - Portuguese-English -+55 ...

How are genes expressed..

How are genes Dr SUBROTO BISWAS


Transcription and translation simplified

Quran Surah Al-Fatiha with Urdu translation

Quran Surah Al-Fatiha with Urdu translationby Iqra

1 Page|33585 Views

Quran Surah Al-Fatiha in Arabic with Urdu translation.

Mysterious.This is chemistry of Life

Mysterious.This is chemistry of Lifeby Dr SUBROTO BISWAS


Understand the chemical processes controlling life.

Gene expressein

Gene expresseinby Dr SUBROTO BISWAS


How the cascade effects occur in our cells..nicely explained

Role of Ribozymes

Role of Ribozymesby Dr SUBROTO BISWAS


How and Why gene splicing occurs in eukaryotes..

DNA Sequencing..A clear Understanding

DNA Sequencing..A clear Understandingby Dr SUBROTO BISWAS


Stepwise understanding DNA sequencing..Requirement of your biotechnology

Tradu&#231;&#227;o Juramentada

Tradução Juramentadaby Regiz Rodriguez

1 Page |2011 Views

TRADUÇÃO JURAMENTADA DE ITALIANO O que é tradução juramentada? É a tradução oficial, feita por tradutor ju...

10th Grade Math Test

10th Grade Math Testby Nadina

23 Pages|16491 Views

10th Grade Math Review