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Amadeus Course 1 Lesson 1 Drill 1

Amadeus Course 1 Lesson 1 Drill 1by abcd bcgdc


This Drill is the follow-up exercise after completing Lesson 1 in Amadeus GDS section, which basically covers how to sing-in and sign out of the syste...

Launching Amadeus Vista Command Page

Launching Amadeus Vista Command Pageby abcd bcgdc


In this short and breif presentation it is demonstrated how an airlines or a travel agency staff or an back office agent launches Amadeus Vista platfo...

Foxtrot Phonetics and World Geography

Foxtrot Phonetics and World Geographyby abcd bcgdc

8 Pages|3688 Views

Greetings from Multiwings WebTravel Academy, Mumbai – I N D I A<br/><br/>The following information is for fresh aspiring candidates not fr...

Introduction to IATA AFT Program

Introduction to IATA AFT Programby abcd bcgdc


Eligibility details regarding direct enrollment with IATA related to their Advanced GDS Fares and Ticketing Course available in Amadeus and Galileo an...