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Learning Spoken English

Learning Spoken Englishby SoftSkills and Spoken English Courses

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To master English, you need to practice speaking it daily. Here's your chance to learn Spoken English.

Spoken english.session3

Spoken english.session3by vinodita sankhyan

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a 3rd session in the series of spoken english,easy and realistic steps to spoken english ,ways and means to tackle the fears and problems of spoken en...

spoken English

spoken Englishby Saraswathy Srinivas

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Who doesn't want to speak English fluently? Let's see how it can be achieved. What is the difference between written and spoken English? To speak well...

Spoken English

Spoken Englishby Englishteacher Namrata Arora

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Spoken English is all about words, their usage, the way they need to be arranged and the tone in which they are to be delivered. View this ppt to se...

Spoken English Session 1

Spoken English Session 1by Englishteacher Namrata Arora

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Here's a way to practice English in a Live interactive setting.



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KAPRI INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH SPEAKING (An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Co.) Key Features: * More Than 25 Branches In Punjab * Form Su...

IELTS / Spoken English Classes in Amritsar

IELTS / Spoken English Classes in Amritsarby Himanshu Arora

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(A Division of Kapri Trainers Pvt. Ltd.)
(An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Co.)

Key Feature...

Spoken English,Phonetic symbols.

Spoken English,Phonetic Anindita Sengupta

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Spoken English,phonetic symbols,Vowels-long,short,and dipthongs

Spoken English

Spoken Englishby Anindita Sengupta

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Impotance of Phonetic symbols,its drilling in spoken English.

Prepositions: Spoken English Session 2

Prepositions: Spoken English Session 2by Englishteacher Namrata Arora

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Learn Prepositions the different way!

Spoken English for ALL

Spoken English for ALLby Englishteacher Namrata Arora

9 Pages |3136 Views

Learn to Speak fluently and confidently