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Social Studies Throughout Time

Social Studies Throughout Timeby J. Aleta Villanueva

29 Pages |3962 Views

This is a lecture for the students of the University of the Philippines Open University. Class members of EDSSE 231 Instructional Planning and Procedu...

Social media marketing concepts - 101 slides on digital platforms

Social media marketing concepts - 101 slides on digital platformsby Jyotindra Zaveri

101 Pages|33857 Views

101 slides to learn social media marketing. It is something about interactive websites. Web analytics for ROI - Making a good product is only the be...

How Social Media Management Helps Businesses

How Social Media Management Helps Businessesby Aaron Bare

40 Pages |4846 Views

What is social media management and how can it help businesses? Social Media enables people to advocate for your business through compelling content. ...

Software Social

Software Socialby tanialopes

10 Pages|2615 Views

Definição de Software Social (Diana Ferreira) Software Social e a construção do conhecimento (Ângela Ribeiro) Software Social e o seu contributo par...

One Week Social Media Set-Up Plan

One Week Social Media Set-Up Planby Marki D. Lemons

16 Pages |3165 Views

Social Media has forever changed the way in which we conduct business. No one ever imagined that Facebook would grow by 200 million users in the cours...



27 Pages|7922 Views

In 2007, ad spending on US social networking sites will spike to $865 million from $350 million in 2006. MySpace will continue to dominate social ...

Evolution of Social Networks into Virtual Organiza

Evolution of Social Networks into Virtual Organizaby Pierre Coupet

8 Pages |5392 Views

Although modern social networks such as,, Orkutt, LinkedIn, and XING are enjoying a great deal of notoriety and success these...

Procedimiento administrativo de servicio social

Procedimiento administrativo de servicio socialby Juana Olaguez Rendón

5 Pages|2063 Views

El servicio social esta integrado a la currícula de los diversos planes de estudio de las escuelas y facultades. <br/>De esta m...

Knowing About Computers – Social Networking

Knowing About Computers – Social Networkingby Continental Training

7 Pages |2352 Views

In this lesson you will learn about Social Networks and their function and popularity in online chat. You will create sentences in the future progress...

social institutions

social institutionsby RONNIE PASIGUI

36 Pages|9994 Views

This is a powerpoint presentation of social institutions<br/><br/>it specifically delves into education and religion as b...

Going Beyond the MOODLE: Socially Responsible Learning

Going Beyond the MOODLE: Socially Responsible Learningby sefdsfds

18 Pages |1601 Views

John Graves is a PhD Student, AUT University and Founder of SlideSpeech<br/><br/>John will speak about Going Beyond the MO...

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Social Media Marketing Made Simpleby Neville

65 Pages|2525 Views

For those who are really terrified or confused about social media marketing, this a great training session to boost your confidence and grow your busi...

Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning

Introduction to Social and Emotional Learningby Marilyn Robb

16 Pages |5232 Views

This is an introduction to Social and Emotional Learning. This class will help to define emotions and social and emotional learning and provide an und...

Social Media Primer

Social Media Primerby Jeffrey Cole

5 Pages|1905 Views

A one hour overview of social media

Social media primer

Social media primerby Jeffrey Cole

5 Pages |2114 Views

A primer on social media

Social Structure

Social Structureby RONNIE PASIGUI

5 Pages|2782 Views

This discusses the basic concepts related to social structure including its history and origin.

The Socialization Process

The Socialization Processby RONNIE PASIGUI

7 Pages |51331 Views

This discusses the process of socialization and its impact to the individual self, as well as to the society.

Social Networks

Social Networksby Absadds

8 Pages|2822 Views

Social networks

Social Networks at IT4ALL Global Exchange

Social Networks at IT4ALL Global Exchangeby Absadds

6 Pages |1964 Views

Social networking and learning for active lifelong learning at IT4ALL Global Exchange

Leadership for Social Change

Leadership for Social Changeby Joel Hilchey

42 Pages|2200 Views

A presentation on leadership skills for social change.