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Project Systems

Project Systemsby Nirupama

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SAP CRM Course Content

SAP CRM Course Contentby Rebati

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Materi SAP

Materi SAPby Hindri Asmoko

24 Pages |4682 Views

Materi ini berisi mengenai penjelasan lebih detil tentang buletin teknis nomor 04

Pengantar SAP

Pengantar SAPby Achmat Subekan

11 Pages|3414 Views

Slide ini merupakan pengantar guna memudahkan memahami Standar Akuntansi Pemerintahan sebagaimana di atur dalah PP 24 Tahun 2005

materi sap

materi sapby Hindri Asmoko

28 Pages |5797 Views

slide kerangka konseptual

SAP Pelaksanaan Anggaran

SAP Pelaksanaan Anggaranby sunarno

3 Pages|4505 Views

Sistem Akuntansi pusat

SAP and BO Integration

SAP and BO Integrationby Souvik

51 Pages |7677 Views

Application of biotechnology in industry

Application of biotechnology in industryby DR. BEENA AGARWAL

32 Pages |5915 Views

Plants are already grown to produce valuable molecules, including many drugs. Also they can be genetically engineered (GE) to produce the molecules w...

Testing techniques

Testing techniquesby kssv jagan

38 Pages|3440 Views

Computech Info Solutions is a Software Training Institute in Hyderabad is formed in the view of the ever growing demands of the software market. For t...


MATERI E LEARNING ppakpby mukhtaromin

7 Pages |4067 Views