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Sabre for Youtube

Sabre for Youtubeby abcd bcgdc


In this practice, you will have only few questions to answer. If you want to practice all the questions covering reservations, PNR management and auto...

Training Attributes

Training Attributes by abcd bcgdc

12 Pages|8254 Views

Online Training Platform for learning Airlines Computerised Reservations and eTicketing in all the active global distribution systems (GDS) of the wor...

Ramadan Session 15

Ramadan Session 15by Abu Abdur-Rahman

18 Pages |1475 Views

Introduction to IATA AFT Program

Introduction to IATA AFT Programby abcd bcgdc


Eligibility details regarding direct enrollment with IATA related to their Advanced GDS Fares and Ticketing Course available in Amadeus and Galileo an...

Islamic Life Coaching and Mentoring

Islamic Life Coaching and Mentoringby Abu-Mohtasim. Ijaz Khan

10 Pages |3835 Views

A step by step theoretical and practical guidance to learn about Islam and its Basic Rituals and Practices(Evidence Based Practices).<br/&g...