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Handling Missing Data

Handling Missing Databy Paull Shocker

22 Pages |7567 Views

Handling Missing Data

An Overview of Some NLP Presuppsotions

An Overview of Some NLP Presuppsotionsby Steve Adams

3 Pages|1402 Views

An introduction and explanation of NLP Presuppositions.This document is designed to allow learners to select a presuppostion and try it on for size fo...

Rasch Measurement Model - Data Analysis

Rasch Measurement Model - Data Analysisby Saidfudin Masodi

23 Pages |3758 Views

Social scientists have great need for the development of valid measures, e.g., of the quantity and quality of education services and of the outcomes o...

CO13 Using Wikipedia Articles

CO13 Using Wikipedia Articlesby Donnaruma I

20 Pages|1689 Views

CO13: Using Wikipedia Articles for Rapid Deployment of OER Textbooks<br/><br/>Using Wikipedia Articles for Rapid Deployment of OER Textboo...