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Kinematics-Circular and Relative Motion

Kinematics-Circular and Relative Motionby LearnOnline Through OCW

14 Pages |2873 Views

Topic is Circular motion. Angular velocity, linear velocity, tangential and radial acceleration is calculated.Numerical exampl is based on a carnival ...

Relativity and Variables of Motion

Relativity and Variables of Motionby LearnOnline Through OCW

12 Pages |781 Views

In this note how relativistic consideration can be incorporated in basic quantities of classical mechanics like energy, momentum, acceleration is out...

Relativity-Symmetry in Physics (contd..)

Relativity-Symmetry in Physics (contd..)by LearnOnline Through OCW

24 Pages|994 Views

This is in continuation of the previous lecture and deals with symmetry of electromagnetism.It tries to explore whether speed of light depends on wav...

relative motion

relative motionby Shahab shikohse


This video contains the problem discussion of relative motion which is enough to understand basic of relative motion

Theory of Special Relativity

Theory of Special Relativityby LearnOnline Through OCW

9 Pages|1147 Views

In this note the main topics are transformation of electric field, relativistic momentum and energy, transformation of forces and proof of E and B to ...

Theory of Special Relativity

Theory of Special Relativityby LearnOnline Through OCW

19 Pages |1513 Views

This note on special relativity begins with Galilean transformation. An example of motion of a ship and a sail boat is considered with respect to grou...

Time Dilatation in theory of Relativity

Time Dilatation in theory of Relativityby LearnOnline Through OCW

18 Pages|866 Views

Using a special light clock time dilatation is explained.Another example is that of a pole vaulter and a barn where a farmer observes the motion of a ...

Relative Motion

Relative Motionby Pranjal Kumar Bharti

18 Pages |2833 Views

Relative Motion (17.06.10)<br/><br/>Subscribe complete Physics study materials from<br/>...