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Phrasal verbs... All about figuring prepositions out!!

Phrasal verbs... All about figuring prepositions out!!by Héctor Velásquez

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A brief and simple overview at one of the most feared areas of vocabulary! It is just about awareness and avoiding grammar translation approach (which...


prepositionsby bina

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Phrases: Introduction, Propositional Phrases and Appositive Phrases

Phrases: Introduction, Propositional Phrases and Appositive Phrasesby Online CAT Teacher


A phrase is a group of words that go together, but do not make a complete sentence. Phrases act as a single part of speech in a sentence. A prepositio...


FRENCH: PRÉPOSITIONSby Marie-Michelle Jeannite

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You will be able to:
Identify and use prepositions in French
Describe objects in relation to one another.
Use preposition in French to te...

Title page

Title pageby french grinds

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Prepositions 15 mins

English, sentence structures,order of words

English, sentence structures,order of wordsby Saraswathy Srinivas

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Sentence Structures Structure means how you frame sentences. To be a meaningful sentence, it has to be framed...

phrasal verbs 1

phrasal verbs 1by Englishteacher Namrata Arora

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Verbs when combined with Prepositions or/and Adverbs, add diversity to your Speech or Writing. This combination results in Phrasal Verbs, that enrich ...

Family Conflicts - follow up

Family Conflicts - follow upby Claudia Sobico

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prepositions, vocabulary, connectors

Grammar for beginners (Russian)

Grammar for beginners (Russian)by Elena Korobova

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Genders, Conjugation, Prepositional case, Accusative case

8 Parts of Speech Video

8 Parts of Speech Videoby Christopher Rudolph


This video teaches the 8 parts of speech in English which are pronoun, adverb, preposition, adjective, noun, verb, interjection, and conjunction. An a...

Compound Words Intonation Patterns Video Lesson

Compound Words Intonation Patterns Video Lessonby Christopher Rudolph


This video teaches about the intonation patterns of compound words. It examines compound nouns, compound verbs, compound adverbs, compound preposition...

Writing simple sentences in English

Writing simple sentences in Englishby Hery The

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in this document, you will learn basic principles on writing simple sentences in English. First, you will start to understand two important elements o...

Basic Grammar


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Explanation about parts of speech and definition of all with examples<br/>and one exercise to solve.<br/>Each parts of spe...

Parts of speech

Parts of speechby Ricardo E.Valenzuela Ruiz

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English grammar: Parts of speech. Nouns (words that names), verbs, (A word that expresses action or otherwise helps to make a statement) prepositions...

Lesson 18 - Notes and Exercises

Lesson 18 - Notes and Exercisesby the_middle _road

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Notes about prepositions in Arabic. _____________________________________

Parts of speech - An Introduction

Parts of speech - An Introductionby Vijayalakshmi B

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PARTS OF SPEECH – An Introduction<br/>Parts of speech <br/>Noun<br/>Pronoun<br/>Verb<br...

Introduction to grammar for GMAT, CAT and other MBA entrance

Introduction to grammar for GMAT, CAT and other MBA entranceby Shivgan Joshi

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Introduction to Grammar for GMAT & CAT.<br/>Very basic techniques covered.<br/>Areas of class includes: Articles, Preposition, Common ...