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The LAST MILE ORIENTATION COURSE comprises of 30 lectures and is conducted over a period of 10 days.<br/> The last mile aims to reduce the ga...

Character... My Foundation Student Pdf

Character... My Foundation Student Pdfby Marcell Wallace

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In this pdf file, it will discuss character and personality and examine the fundamental differences between the two. It is imperative that we teach ou...

&quot;Be Yourself&quot; Don't say &quot;YES&quot; when you want to say &quot;NO&quot;

"Be Yourself" Don't say "YES" when you want to Abu-Mohtasim. Ijaz Khan

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find out the "Truth" about yourself, are you a Passive, Aggressive or Assertive person and what it costs you not be "Yourself"!!!...

Body Language Presentation_Mod8

Body Language Presentation_Mod8by IILM Institute

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Researches have confirmed that verbal communication, both oral and written, primarily helps in conveying information and non-verbal communication assi...

Driving Through Leadership

Driving Through Leadershipby Shabbar Suterwala

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Driving through Leadership, is a eBook for aspiring Managers and people who are entering into leadership positions. It teached the various types of le...

The Fine Art of English Conversation Part I

The Fine Art of English Conversation Part Iby English Teacher To Go

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Developing conversational skills in your native language can be a challenge. Developing conversation skills in English can be absolutely terrifying! ...

Behind the Mynd – Selfish versus. Self-Centered

Behind the Mynd – Selfish versus. Self-Centeredby onemynd

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I have seen all types and styles of sales training and techniques. But, the truth is, there are only two types of trainings that can ever be given to ...

10 Things for Effective Communication

10 Things for Effective Communicationby Bhanu priya

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this short word file contains 10 points which help you in making your communication effective. It also helps you in grooming your communication and pe...