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A Numerical on Charged Particle

A Numerical on Charged Particleby Kajal Sengupta


This Presentation explains the solution of a Numerical example based on ,Motion of Charged Particle in Magnetic Field and Electric Field. The Beauty i...



54 Pages |7138 Views

Wonderful understanding of Rotational motion. Illustrated diagrams give provide clearity in concepts of Centre of mass and Torque.

Quantum Physics-Schrodinger's Equation

Quantum Physics-Schrodinger's Equationby LearnOnline Through OCW

6 Pages |2498 Views

Schrodinger equation for the motion of a particle in one dimension is considered. The note points out the property of Schrodinger equation and gives t...

Statistical Physics- Statistical Ensembles

Statistical Physics- Statistical Ensemblesby LearnOnline Through OCW

9 Pages|2812 Views

Key points of principle of statistical physics and ensembles has been explained.Microcanonical ensemble has been defined and number of states and entr...

Movement of particles in a wave.

Movement of particles in a Kajal Sengupta


Most of the presentation deals with the basic concepts of waves but the diagrams depicting the motion of particles as the wave propagates are brillian...

The massive particle accelerator

The massive particle acceleratorby Kajal Sengupta


The video shows the different parts of the massive particle accelerator which was built by about 2000 scientists to conduct an experiment to create a ...

AIEEE Physics-- Full Wave Rectification

AIEEE Physics-- Full Wave Rectificationby Kajal Sengupta


The video clip shows the movement of charged particles when four diodes are used for full wave rectification. Watch how in the two halves of the wave...

PHYSICS-Understanding of Nature Quantum Mechanics

PHYSICS-Understanding of Nature Quantum Mechanicsby Mohammad Abdul Mumeed

35 Pages|1666 Views

Understanding of Nature; studying classical and quantum models; single slit and double slit experiments, Bohr's model, de Broglie's model,quantum conc...

Quantum Physics- Potential Function and Related Results

Quantum Physics- Potential Function and Related Resultsby LearnOnline Through OCW

10 Pages |1392 Views

Schrodinger's equation for one dimensional potential (potential step) is derived and interpretation of different quantities analysed.Solutions of the ...

Quantum Physics- Two Views of concept of Uncertainty

Quantum Physics- Two Views of concept of Uncertaintyby LearnOnline Through OCW

11 Pages|1189 Views

Polarization has been described by using Dirac's notation.A comparison has been made between 'hidden variable theory and standard interpretation of Qu...

Statistical Physics-Grand Canonical Ensemble

Statistical Physics-Grand Canonical Ensembleby LearnOnline Through OCW

8 Pages |1969 Views

A grand canonical ensemble consists of a canonical ensemble and a particle reservoir.the partition function for such a system and average number and ...

Statistical Physics- Thermal Fluctuations

Statistical Physics- Thermal Fluctuationsby LearnOnline Through OCW

7 Pages|2003 Views

How to calculate the thermal fluctuations of number of particles in a generic system has been shown.Fluctuation of volume and energy, fluctuations an...

Statistical Physics- The Boson Systems

Statistical Physics- The Boson Systemsby LearnOnline Through OCW

27 Pages |2124 Views

"In this note 'n' Boson Hamiltonian and 'n' ­boson energy eigenstates for a free boson<br/>system has been considered.It shows how by ...