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Operating Systems

Operating Systemsby Neenu Prasad

7 Pages |7224 Views

Modern general-purpose computers, including personal computers and mainframes, have an operating system to run other programs, such as application sof...

Introduction of OS (Operating System)

Introduction of OS (Operating System)by Satya Prakash Pandey

12 Pages|3685 Views

Introduction of OS (Operating System) primarily provides services for running applications on a computer system.

Operating Systems

Operating Systemsby onkar


A basic description of operating systems... focusing more on windows.

PC Operating Systems in Review

PC Operating Systems in Reviewby Chiranjibi Regmi

18 Pages|3502 Views

This Lessons includes:<br/> UNIX<br/> DOS<br/> The Macintosh Operating System<br/> Windows 3.x<br/> OS/2 Warp<br/>...

Intro to Operating Systems

Intro to Operating Systemsby Raphael Buttigieg

5 Pages |2674 Views

A presentation on operating systems

Windows Operating System introduction

Windows Operating System introductionby Ahmed Musa Aliyu


Windows Operating System introduction

Operating System-Types

Operating System-Typesby Princy

22 Pages |7265 Views

A detailed view of the various types of Operating System.

Operating system

Operating systemby Biswadip Goswami

362 Pages|5500 Views

Distributed operating system

Distributed operating systemby monu rohila

22 Pages |15792 Views

This will describes you all the concepts in DOS.

Distributed operating system

Distributed operating systemby monu rohila

68 Pages|5802 Views

contains threads concepts