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Understanding and Reading EKG Monitoring Strips-Lesson Two

Understanding and Reading EKG Monitoring Strips-Lesson Twoby

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This is the second powerpoint in the course. This powerpoint is short and it gives detail of the Sinus Node Arrhythmias. They include Sinus arrhythm...

Operating Room Instrumentation

Operating Room Instrumentationby Keith Giomeer Petrola

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Basic Operating Room Instruments
Basic Instruments
Practical Test
Operating Room Instruments
Emergency ...

Neonatal Sepsis

Neonatal Sepsisby Inday Butad

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NCM 205 Family Care Study

NCM 205 Family Care Studyby Inday Butad

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The family care study I'd conducted during my field duties passed yrs. I hope this could guide or provide you important facts. ***Pls be guided ...

Students Migrating to Canada Series - 2

Students Migrating to Canada Series - 2by Dr Aman Biswas

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Students have an opportunity here. You can educate, get a degree an environment and a job. A secure life. But how ?
A multimillion dollar ques ask...

Immigration Made Easy - Series 3

Immigration Made Easy - Series 3by Reet Boparai

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This is my third lecture regarding Immigration matters: CEC

Long Term Care and How to Protect Your Loved Ones

Long Term Care and How to Protect Your Loved Onesby Michael McDonnell

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We Often Overlook Those that Will Be Impacted by Our Needing Long Term Care Here is a perspective given to me by an attorney who had for years work...

How to Shop for Long Term Care Insurance

How to Shop for Long Term Care Insuranceby Michael McDonnell

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One of the biggest challenges someone faces in their life is whether or not there will be a time when they will not be able to take care of themselves...

Philosophy And Science of Caring

Philosophy And Science of Caringby charlotte

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Philosophy & Science of Caring By Margaret Jean Watson<br/><br/>© Unkown


CHI SQUAREby saldy

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this material wil bee explain about how to analysis by using chi square approach to solve nominal data

Fluoroquinolones associated photogenotoxicity

Fluoroquinolones associated photogenotoxicityby Dr. P.Naina Mohamed


Higher concentration of Fluoroquinolones induce DNA damage by inhibiting human topoisomerase IIα activity. <br/>Fluoroquinolones also cause DNA ...

Drug Interactions of Aspirin

Drug Interactions of Aspirinby Dr. P.Naina Mohamed


Aspirin is an OTC analgesic and it interacts majorrly with drugs like Ketorolac, Influenza vaccine (Live), Varicella vaccine, Warfarin, Heparin, Low M...

Drug Interactions of Acetaminophen (Paracetamol)

Drug Interactions of Acetaminophen (Paracetamol)by Dr. P.Naina Mohamed


Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) is an OTC analgesic and it interacts with prescription drugs such as Warfarin and other coumarin anticoagulants to increas...

Triage In A Disaster

Triage In A Disasterby anneliese RN

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For Graduate Nurses Studying for the NCLEX

Introduction To Webinar

Introduction To Webinarby anneliese RN

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I specialize in Helping Nursing Student with any type of need you need. Do you need help with your NCLEX, Proper writing of Careplans or the HESI Entr...

mursing care plan - advanced

mursing care plan - advancedby robbie wolff

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Nursing care plan for the CPNE test - advanced

fluoride and dental caries

fluoride and dental cariesby janet hayes-hall

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a short presentation for dental nurses

EKG Training:  Watching and Interpreting Defribrillator Monitor

EKG Training: Watching and Interpreting Defribrillator Monitorby


YouTube Video by Michele G. Kunz, MSN,ANP,RN-BC.<br/>Ms. Kuntz is a clinical nurse educator at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre in New Y...