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Virtual World Music - Create An Avatar And Perform On Second Life!

Virtual World Music - Create An Avatar And Perform On Second Life!by Joan Kamaru


Create an avatar and perform on Second Life - your band can promote and sell music on virtual worlds!<br/>-<br/><...

AP Music Teory Exam

AP Music Teory Examby Daniel Leo Simpson

16 Pages|2076 Views

You will learn how to study for the AP Music Theory exam

Newbie Music Course Lesson 1

Newbie Music Course Lesson 1by Daniel Leo Simpson

21 Pages |2272 Views

Award-winning Composer Daniel Léo Simpson, teaches you all you need to know as a beginner just learning music!

Music Theory-Chord Names_Alternatives

Music Theory-Chord Names_Alternativesby marsplaysguitars .com

28 Pages|1459 Views

More advanced Music theory discussing Chord Names and their Alternatives.

Music Theory-Chords & Symbols

Music Theory-Chords & Symbolsby marsplaysguitars .com

4 Pages |1553 Views

Some additional Music Theory for the most advanced players.

Music Theory-Advanced

Music Theory-Advancedby marsplaysguitars .com

7 Pages|1137 Views

Word document detailing Advanced Music Theory for the more advanced players.

Teoria musical

Teoria musicalby jessica

249 Pages |1315 Views


musicby Studyclass

13 Pages|1329 Views

fig015 newbie audio

fig015 newbie audioby Daniel Leo Simpson


Basic Music Course

Good Riddance

Good Riddanceby Bob Walker

2 Pages|821 Views

Bottom Line Review Aquarian DrumHeads

Bottom Line Review Aquarian DrumHeadsby Tiger Bill Meligari


Tiger Bill's Bottom Line Video Review of Aquarian DrumHeads.

A & F Major Pentatonic + D & C Pentatonic Scales

A & F Major Pentatonic + D & C Pentatonic Scalesby marsplaysguitars .com

3 Pages|882 Views

Four Major Pentatonic Scales in the following keys: A, F, D & C.