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Motivation- Motivate to make things happen

Motivation- Motivate to make things happenby Bhushan Bhatia

21 Pages |6840 Views

The PPT covers concept of Motivation, theories of Motivation

Motivation - Motivational Behaviour

Motivation - Motivational Behaviourby Deborah Cruthers

52 Pages|9289 Views

This is a very Informative Presentation on Motivation .Know how Motivation is the internal condition that activates behavior and gives it the Directi...

CB - Module-2 = (2) Motivation and Involvement

CB - Module-2 = (2) Motivation and Involvementby Himansu S M

7 Pages |2009 Views

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS<br/>These are the factors which are the personal attributes of an individual. We shall study Five of them : Attitude, Moti...

MTL PPT 7 - Motivation &amp; Learner Autonomy

MTL PPT 7 - Motivation & Learner Autonomyby Khalil Zakari

19 Pages|4738 Views

Most teachers are frustrated by their unmotivated students. What they may not know is how important the connection is between student motivation and s...

25 Tips of motivation

25 Tips of motivationby Kalyan Sarkar


This is a compilation of motivational tips to boost one's self confidence and self esteem.


motivationby sarthak college of professional education

8 Pages |1943 Views

A beautiful presentation on motivation.

Theory of Achievement Motivation

Theory of Achievement Motivationby Cynthia DCosta

11 Pages|21702 Views

This presentation deals with David McLleland's Theory of Achievement Motivation

Motivation slidws

Motivation slidwsby mohamed sultan

13 Pages |1500 Views

Presentation slides for motivating staff


motivation-10by Vladimir Kukharenko

37 Pages|2144 Views

about motivation<br/><br/>If you are uploading the content or embedding content as public, adding enough description and information makes...

Motivational Quotes for Students

Motivational Quotes for Studentsby Online CAT Teacher


With quotes like Pain is Temporary,Quitting lasts forever and Good enough never is and What you are will show in what you do and Focus on where you wa...


Motivating-Employeesby Tan vir

41 Pages|22469 Views

This Power point covers everything on Employee Motivation.A very Informative Presentation,worth having a look.


motivationby Tiris K Cheeran


to motivate students


motivationsby Tiris K Cheeran


to motivate students

Motivation 1 podcast

Motivation 1 podcastby Sharon Hartle


Motivation is essential when we learn so here are a few thoughts on the subject. ...

Purpose Empowerment Praise (PEP) Model for Motivation& Leadership

Purpose Empowerment Praise (PEP) Model for Motivation& Leadershipby Appatucker

17 Pages|1602 Views

A new technique on Motivation and Leadership

Motivational Thoughts

Motivational Thoughtsby Kalyan Sarkar


This presentation shows a light to the people who suffers negative moments in life. The final message is Happy Living!!!

Motivational video

Motivational videoby eSchool Kerala


If you are uploading your content or embedding content to share with your contacts (privately), more the description and information you add, more use...