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molecular biology dictionary

molecular biology dictionaryby Kinjal

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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biologyby Kriti Khanna

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biologyby irfan hussain

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Part IV: Eukaryotes 4<br/>I. An Introduction to the Molecular Basis of Cancer.<br/><br/>The term molecular biology was first used in...

Molecular Biology Questions

Molecular Biology Questionsby Cteck Training center

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This PPT contains 10 conceptual question which can be used for CSIR preparation & GATE preparation

Eukaryotic gene regulation

Eukaryotic gene regulationby Kalyan Bhattacharyya

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The topic is designed to produce a vivid image of the molecular processes involved in the gene regulation in eukaryotic organisms, at different levels...

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineeringby Dr. Fazal R. Rahimi

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Method of molecular biology to produce transgenic plants or animals to improve the quality and quantity of plant and animal productioncs.

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Molecular Basis of Inheritanceby E.Anna Purna


This is an audio file which may be linked with the ppt on Molecular basis of inheritance. This audio session helps the students of class 12 to underst...

Scope of Life 1

Scope of Life 1by Dr Aman Biswas


The Science of Biology in Understanding the Evolution of Life. Exploring the Origin of Life

Questions related to Signal Transduction and transcytosis

Questions related to Signal Transduction and transcytosisby Dr Aman Biswas

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Insight of Cell Biochemistry