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Introduction to Rasch Measurement Model

Introduction to Rasch Measurement Modelby Saidfudin Masodi

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Fundamentals of Measurement

Rasch Measurement Model - Data Analysis

Rasch Measurement Model - Data Analysisby Saidfudin Masodi

23 Pages |2348 Views

Social scientists have great need for the development of valid measures, e.g., of the quantity and quality of education services and of the outcomes o...

Measuring Equipments

Measuring Equipmentsby Jyoti garg

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It includes all the measuring equipments used in Chemistry Laboratory and description about the instruments.

Application of Sensors for Measurement of Tissue Properties

Application of Sensors for Measurement of Tissue Propertiesby Briefs

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Sensors in biomedical applications enable detection of biological events and convert them into signals, thus serving as an interface between a biologi...

MauveDB: Supporting Model-based User Views in Data

MauveDB: Supporting Model-based User Views in Databy Paull Shocker

29 Pages|2443 Views

MauveDB: Supporting Model-based User Views in Database Systems Amol Deshpande, University of Maryland Samuel Madden, MIT Motivation Unprecedented,...

Chemistry Quiz- Laboratory Experiments

Chemistry Quiz- Laboratory Experimentsby Jyoti garg


With the help of this quiz you may be able to know what are the fundamentals of Chem lab which may be asked in exams such as the violation of rules, m...

Cost of Capital Session-1

Cost of Capital Session-1by IILM Institute

28 Pages|1204 Views

IILM Institute for Higher Education presents Session on Corporate Finance, here Dr.Anubha, IILM Graduate School of Management delivers a session on Co...