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Giving Presentations

Giving Presentationsby DEAN BUSH M.Sc.

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Students learn and practice using phrases used in introducing a speaker and making the introduction to a presentation. In the virtual classroom, stude...

Making effective presentations

Making effective presentationsby Lawrence Muganga

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"Success today depends on how you present yourself and your message to the market place. Presentation Skills are your Competitive weapon”.


Two important points about Presentations

Two important points about Presentationsby Jayadeva de Silva


A video clip of Jayadeva making a presentation at British council

Signposting in Presentations

Signposting in Presentationsby DEAN BUSH M.Sc.

9 Pages|19273 Views

Signposting in presentations focuses on the words and phrases in your talk that will get and maintain the attention of your audience members. Learn an...

eBay SURF SHOP & SALE the available presentation Download

eBay SURF SHOP & SALE the available presentation Downloadby Andrea Maoro

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Everyone is born with the necessary abilities to achieve their desired successes in life. So instead of living life waiting for things to happen, you ...