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Present Simple PPT

Present Simple PPTby Duong Dai Nhan

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German in 7 lessons. Lesson 3. Modal verbs.

German in 7 lessons. Lesson 3. Modal Alfares


After this lesson you’ll be able to «decorate» your speech with words can, want, know and make sentences like:<br/><br/>I can ca...

Simple Present Everyday in the Life of Jane Johnson

Simple Present Everyday in the Life of Jane Johnsonby Robert Roberson

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Citing an Example from the Life of Jane Johnson,this Lesson Concentrates on the three Aspects of the Simple Present Question, Negatives and Affirmativ...

Simple Present Chart

Simple Present Chartby Robert Roberson

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Time Line with Explanation of the Simple Present

Present Simple &amp;amp; Continuous

Present Simple &amp; Continuousby Monica Zuccoli

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Holiday Cruise

Present Simple

Present Simpleby george alex

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PreInt SB Unit 1

PreInt SB Unit 1by george alex

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present continuous

present continuousby jacky jaimes

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explain how is the structure of present continuous and when you &lt;br/&gt;should use that.

Die Tye

Die Tyeby Marelize Swanepoel

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