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Learn English Grammar

Learn English Grammarby Sukhpreet Kaur


This is a free online lesson on English Grammar by a native speaker. The video belongs to the YouTube user JenniferESL

Learn English - Technical Writing

Learn English - Technical Writingby Sukhpreet Kaur


Improve your English reading and writing skills through this tutorial. The credit of the presentation goes to the respective author at http://www.auth...

Advanced English Grammar on Verbals (Infinitive-Participle-Gerund)

Advanced English Grammar on Verbals (Infinitive-Participle-Gerund)by English Teacher

4 Pages |21267 Views

There are a number of highly useful words in English that are difficult to classify as parts of speech. These are infinitives, participles, and gerun...

Daily activities ( English Learning )

Daily activities ( English Learning )by virginia

19 Pages|1818 Views

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