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Computer Courses in Amritsar

Computer Courses in Amritsarby Himanshu Arora

4 Pages|9878 Views

Kapri Institute Of English Speaking (A Division of Kapri Trainers Pvt. Ltd.) (An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Co.) COMPUTER EDUCATION BY HIGHLY ...

Sql Server 2005-Simple Where Clause

Sql Server 2005-Simple Where Clauseby Nitin Sharma

8 Pages |7281 Views

Basic datatypes in Sql Server 2005 and Simple Select Statements

SQL Server 2005 - CLR, XML and T-SQL enhancements

SQL Server 2005 - CLR, XML and T-SQL enhancementsby hoanglinh

41 Pages|5951 Views

An Overview of SQL Server 2005

SQL Basics

SQL Basicsby Siva Ramudu

317 Pages |4393 Views

Hai am sivaramudu, this is SQL basics meterial. This meterial includes sample commands & programms. this is useful meterial for who learn sql ...

SQL Queries

SQL Queriesby G.C Reddy

8 Pages|17578 Views

SQL Queries for software testers and database developers.


SQLby Krishna Kumari MV

30 Pages |1210 Views

SQL Lessons

Enterprise Data Management - LogShipping

Enterprise Data Management - LogShippingby IT Expert

42 Pages|1233 Views

Log shipping is a robust and reliable high-availability disaster recovery and reporting solution that can be implemented very easily with the hardware...

Joins in SQL

Joins in SQLby G C Reddy Technologies

13 Pages |2692 Views

sql loader

sql loaderby Ashish Singh

25 Pages|6922 Views